Free Books Coming to the PinewoodPride Neighborhood Via the Book Bike!

This week on Wednesday July 15 from 6pm-8pm and on Thursday July 16 from 10am-11:30am Pinewood staff will be riding the Book Bike through the Pinewood school neighborhood and giving every child they see a free book.

Book Bike

We have never used the Book Bike before so this will be a learning curve for us, as we figure out how many books the bike can hold before we need to go back to school and restock and also how long it will take us to get around the neighborhood as we stop to give children books. This video will go over the route we plan to take so you can either look for us out of your front window or take a walk and come and find us.

Planned Book Bike Route we will do our best to stay consistent to this route but we are unsure of the time it will take us

Social Distancing on the Book Bike

While on the Book Bike we will be following social distancing guidelines so please explain to your children that we will not be able to give hugs, or high fives and we will do our best to stay 6ft away from everyone. When your child comes up to look inside the Book Bike, please also remind them to look with their eyes and to not touch the book until they decide they want it. We know this will be hard but we do not want to pass out books that have been touched by multiple children.

Book Options

Please watch for an additional video to be shared on Tuesday. Mrs. U’Ren and I will be going through our books and I will do my best to share quick book talks on the books that will be on the bike to give students an idea of their options before they see us on Wednesday or Thursday.

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