Change to Food Service Times and Weekly #PinewoodPride Challenges

Free Lunch and Breakfast Pick Up on Monday and Wednesday at Bauerwood, Bursley, Sandy Hill, and the High School from 11am to 12:30pm

#pinewoodpride Families free lunch and breakfasts will be served this week on Monday and Wednesday. Families can pick up multiple lunches and breakfasts per child in the home on Monday and on Wednesday to ensure all kids have lunch and breakfast covered every week day. This change to two days a week instead of five will help create more social distancing while still providing families with food. If you know of any families who are in need and not able to go to one of the locations please contact Dr. Brown and we will help. Pick up locations are Bauerwood, Bursley, the High School, and Sandy Hill.


K-2 Weekly Challenge from Mrs. Deleeuw


Mrs. Deleeuw reads a wonderful story What Can I Do Today and then challenges students to think about something they can do to help make the world better.  Right now in this time of social distancing it is hard to think of ways that kids can feel empowered and help, but I know our #pinewoodpride students are full of amazing ideas.  If your child does something please share to our facebook page using the #pinewoodpride hashtag.


3-6 Challenge by Mrs. Tans

Mrs. Tans walks students through a fun and easy science experiment that uses simple items from your kitchen.  She has a special helper assisting her during this experiment.  If you do the experiment or design your own around density please share on our facebook page using the #pinewoodpride hashtag.



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