Learning Resources Recommended By JPS for Families to Use During the Shut Down

There is so much great information being shared on social media but as a parent it can be almost too much, and seem overwhelming.  You will be receiving information from teachers with suggestions for what your child can do at home here are some of the resources we recommend.

Technology Free Ideas:

  • Read a book
  • Write in a journal – ex: Give students a character name, setting and situation to write about.
  • Read a book
  • Count money or set up a pretend store.
  • Read a book
  • Go for a walk.
  • Read a book
  • Complete a puzzle
  • Be creative – build a fort, paint, draw, color, practice your instrument.

If you ask your child to spend time every day reading it will require no preparation or use of technology from you and it will benefit your child.

Online Resources:

Literacy resources

Scholastic No login required, opportunities for reading, writing, videos, virtual tours, and more.  I really liked the resources available on this page they have daily lessons that are organized by grade level on a variety of topics that kids will find engaging and fun.

JPS Webpage Reading Resources On JPS Webpage there are a variety of resources. Tumblebooks is a great resources for students to access books, they can read the books or the books can be read to them.  Tween Tribune is a great resource for high interest informational text articles.

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 1.40.38 PM

Storyline  Read Aloud opportunities, this is a wonderful site full of different great picture books being read aloud by celebrities.

Math resources

Xtramath Basic math fact practice.  Requires parents to create a login.  This site gives students 4-8 minutes of practice each day on their basic math facts.  

Prodigy  Students have their own account or will need to create one.  This is a fun math game that students enjoy playing, it combines work on math problems with some fantasy video game elements.

Khan Academy  Require parents to create a login.  This site has tutorials on different math topics for every grade level.

Typing Club  Typing practice and no login required

We know there are a ton of other learning sites out there that students can explore and enjoy.  Your child’s teacher may have other sites that students use in class regularly that they will share with you.

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