Ensuring all Pinewood Families Have Access to Food and Personal Care Items

Jenson Public School are Partnering with Local Organizations to Support Families During the Shut Down


#pinewoodpride Starting Tuesday 3/17 pick up lunch and breakfast will be available at various JPS schools. If you are not able to make it to one of these locations but are in need of the meals please contact Dr. Brown, we will be sure all Pinewood families get what they need.


LOVE INC in Hudsonville will be helping families, they are working to ensure their food bank is well stocked and would like to connect with any families that have a need during the shut down.  If you are in need please reach out to Love Inc. or you can contact Dr. Brown directly at Pinewood.

If you would like to support Love INC here is how people can help LOVE INC…

1) Donate to LOVE INC’s food pantry. They need peanut butter and jelly, pasta, spaghetti sauce, applesauce, hamburger helper, cereal, deli meat, canned chicken, and toilet paper.

2) LOVE INC needs emergency food pantry volunteers to help assemble emergency food kits. They need volunteers in the LOVE INC store and warehouse. Call 662-3300 or email www.loveinthenameofchrist.org to volunteer.

3) Click on this link to sign up:

Personal Care Items

Sunrise Church in Jenison will be coordinating personal care products, food, and activities for families in need.  If you have a need you can go pick up items on Monday or Wednesday evening or you can contact Dr. Brown directly and she will help get items to you.

3) DONATE PERSONAL CARE ITEMS! Sunrise will begin accepting donations for personal care products (feminine products, formula, diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, dental supplies, etc) and activities for families to do at home (new and used games, puzzles, coloring books, etc) on Sunday at 9am, at the north and south entrances (7754 28th Ave, Jenison).

Sunrise will be able to distribute items Monday and Wednesday nights, 4-7pm this week.

4) Click on this link to sign up: https://www.sunrisemin.org/


  1. Our employees are ready and willing to volunteer..we are also willing to donate. I have 8 local employees who are ready to volunteer. I’d love to send 3 at a time to help do what ever..
    Feel free to reach me at 616-443-4212
    Mark Noffsinger
    Noffsinger LLC
    ALLSTATE Insurance

    • Thank you so much for the offer Mark, our food service is not accepting volunteers because everyone who serves has to be safe serve certified. We are referring many families to Love INC and SunRise church for additional food and essential needs and are asking volunteers to please sign up with those organizations, if you read the blog post there are links there for you to connect with those organizations. Thank you again it is appreciated.

      • Thank you for the reply!! Will do and don’t hesitate to call if things change or you need an extra hand!

        Stay Safe,
        Mark Noffsinger
        Noffsinger LLC
        Allstate Insurance

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