Summer Week 5 Supply List and Keeping Reading Fun!

school supply

If you have been to Meijer, Target, or any larger grocery store you have seen the new school supply displays.  I love new school supplies!  I’m not sure if it is because it signals back to school time, or a fresh new year, or reminds me of how excited I was when I was younger to get supplies, but I truly enjoy a new box of crayons and an empty notebook.  To help parents here is our general grade level supply list. Each classroom teacher will contact you with a list but this list has all of the basic items students will need by grade. If you are unable to purchase school supplies please contact me, if we know a student needs supplies Pinewood will provide supplies to any student.

General Grade Level Supply List for Pinewood

Keep Reading Fun

Although school supplies are on the shelves we do have six more weeks of summer left, lots of time to get your children back into a reading routine.  If the holiday weekend or a summer vacation has created some downtime from reading and you are now trying to get started again it is important to keep it fun.

For some students a trip to the public library and time to explore and read will get them excited again, or the Pinewood library don’t forget the Pinewood library is open today from 4pm-6pm.

For some students it is creating a reading bingo sheet where they try to read in fun places, or at fun times, like the bingo sheet below.

summer reading bingo


Also finding books they love will help them want to read on their own.  My daughters and I have enjoyed watching the Women’s National Soccer Team over this past month as they have competed and won the World Cup.  There have been some amazing news stories and editorials about the team and the players that have been very engaging to read. There is also a great book series by Alex Morgan that is this week’s book recommendation.


Book Recommendation


The Kicks Saving the Team by Alex Morgan

This book series follows a young soccer player named Devin whose family moves from Connecticut to California when she is in sixth grade.  It shares how Devin handles the move and tries to find where she belongs in a new school and on a new soccer team. The series has 9 books for students to enjoy.

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