2019 Summer Week 2: The Importance of Routines

How A Summer Schedule Can Help You


It is the second week of summer and this meme is all to relatable.  We all enjoy the extra family time and slower pace that summer brings, but we also know kids do so much better when they have structure and routine.  That does not mean you need to schedule a guided activity for every minute of your child’s day, but it does mean your child/ren will  do better this summer if they know what to expect in their day and they have some established routines.  There are three things that research supports are essential in prioritizing in a schedule for your family.

  • Sleep!  Sleep is so important for the health and well being of your child.  We all know kids can get grumpy without enough sleep, but it really goes beyond being irritable.  Without enough sleep a child’s body and brain growth are impacted, the ability to regulate emotion is impacted, and important physiological processes like thirst and hunger are affected.  Here is a great article on the benefits of a good sleep schedule.


  • Daily reading time.  The time spent reading could be independent reading time where your child is able to sit alone with a book of their choice, or it could be time spent with you or an older sibling reading aloud.  It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they are reading. If your child enjoys chapter books that is great, if they do not, you might find that they enjoy sports magazines, or graphic novels. As long as they are reading each day they will continue to challenge their brain and maintain more of the academic growth they made in the school year.

Research shows that “summer slide” or “summer learning loss” results in a cumulative loss of up to three school years.  When students slide back in their achievement over the summer it affects their learning in the fall taking time away from new curriculum requiring teachers to re-teach and review skills that were previously mastered.  If students spent as little as 15 hours over the summer on reading and learning the summer slide is prevented, resulting in major achievement gains.

summerreadingbottom line


  • Free Play.  Children need time to play and explore.  Children learn so much through play and it is so important that we as parents understand the benefits of play.  Limiting screen time and giving children time to play games together, to run outside and create their own play activities benefits them in countless ways.  Take time to pull out toys that have been forgotten during the busy pace of the school year and encourage your child to play.  Play will benefit your child.




Here is a good post I found on how to help create a summer schedule for parents that might be helpful.  A Mother Far From Home Blog:  Summer Routines

As I posted last week today this is the first week for the Meet Up and Eat Up free lunches

Meet Up and Eat Up

On Monday June 17, 2019 there are two places locally that will provide a free lunch and an hour of fun activities for free to any child under 18 Monday through Thursday each week.  You can come and just pick up a lunch to take to go, or you can stay and enjoy the day’s activities. Bursley Elementary will have lunch from 12-1, and Presidential Estates in Hudsonville will have lunch from 12:30-1:30.

Book Recommendations:

Imagine by Juan Felipe Herrera illustrated by Lauren Castillo

When students were asked what they liked about this book, most pointed out the pictures.  The illustrations in this book are beautiful. Students get lost in the colors and the landscapes as they listen to the story.  The story is actually a poem which is a memoir by Herrera a former U.S. Poet Laureate. Kids of all ages enjoy this book especially as a read aloud.



Restart by Gordon Korman

This is a great chapter book that tells the story of a middle school boy who experiences an accident that forces him to take a good look at the type of person he was and who he wants to be.  This was a favorite in our upper elementary classroom libraries, all of our students found that they could relate to the characters and wanted to see if the main character would change for the better or go back to his old ways.

restart book

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