Pinewood Pride Summer Reminders and Updates Week 1 June 11, 2019

hello summer

Summer is here!  For some of you like me, you might be wondering where the school year went.  I am just now looking at my summer schedule and what activities and outings I am going to do with my kids this summer.  Some of you maybe like me, and others may have their calendar all scheduled and color coded.  Either way there are a couple of great resources that I would like to share with all families to help them as they jump into summer.

Pinewood Summer Library Hours on Tuesday Weekly from 4pm-6pm

Please take advantage of our summer library hours at Pinewood.  This is a great way to provide your child access to hundreds of books without having to impact your bank account at all.  It is also a great time to be able to socialize with other Pinewood families, and enjoy using our Maker Space and playground area.  Mrs. Roper and Mrs. Machiela will be supervising our summer library hours, and I will attend as often as possible, we would all love to see you there.

morelightto read

Georgetown Public Library

The Georgetown Public library is another great place to check out books and is available on a much more flexible schedule than Pinewood’s library hours.  The Georgetown Public Library also hosts many fun events for kids of all ages.

Georgetown Newsletter 

From learning to draw super heroes to Donuts with Dads, the library will have something your child will enjoy.

Meet Up and Eat Up

Starting next week on Monday June 17, 2019 there are two places locally that will provide a free lunch and an hour of fun activities for free to any child under 18 Monday through Thursday each week.  You can come and just pick up a lunch to take to go, or you can stay and enjoy the day’s activities.  Bursley Elementary will have lunch from 12-1, and Presidential Estates in Hudsonville will have lunch from 12:30-1:30.

Ottawa County Parks and Recreation

I am so grateful that we live in an area with so many local parks and recreation areas.  Did you know that Ottawa County has over 39 different parks and rec areas?  You can go an explore the various parks on your own or you can check out some of the great events that they host throughout the summer.

Events with Ottawa County Parks

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