Three Days of Fun in First Grade

On Monday, Mrs. Washburn’s first grade class had so much to talk about after the six day “snow-cation”!!  They practiced “zooming in” on a small moment that happened over the unscheduled break.  Their stories were told aloud to a friend before they went to paper.  Then, when they were finished writing, they were able to share their written stories!

  On Wednesday, first graders celebrated Global School Play Day.  They were able to simply play with toys and share with others, and even combine toys to make a new game.  Their creativity was turned up all the way!  They loved this so much, and already asked if they could do it again!

  Also on Wednesday during math, Mrs. Washburn’s class reviewed their unit on graphing and were able to survey everyone in the class about what their favorite ice cream flavor was.  After they were done surveying and tallying, they completed a graph of what the final outcome was.

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