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Drop off and Pick Up at Pinewood

Drop off and pick up time is always a busy time at every school, it is also a time where is is essential for all parents to know the expectations and procedures so we can ensure the safety of all of our students.  Please watch this video it only takes a few minutes and will help make our drop off and pick up times go so much smoother.

Drop off / Pick up:

The front parking lot off from Chippewa is for parents to park and walk students up.  The side lot off from Coconut is for staff and buses. The only exception to this is pre-school student drop off and pick up because they are curb to curb, please do not use the Coconut parking lot or entrance during school hours.  The lanes next to the sidewalks are for drop off only. Please do not park and leave your car.  Students enter the playground at the gate.  

Pick up at the end of the day can be a very busy time.  Kindergarten students that are parent pick up will be in line with their teachers under the large pine tree by the front picnic table.  Parents need to come to the front, or have an older sibling collect the kindergarten student. Teachers are not allowed to release a kindergarten student to enter or cross the parking lot alone.

School Day Schedule:

   8:40    First bell rings                      

   8:45    Tardy bell

   12:20   First lunch (K, 4th-6th grade)

   12:40   Second lunch (1st-3rd)

     3:40 Dismissal

   * Recess – each grade level has individual recess times during the day

Students may play on the playground before school.  Supervision begins on the playground at 8:30 for both drop off and bus riders. The first bell rings and the students line up on their painted line on the playground.  Teachers greet students as the playground supervisors invite the class lines into the building.

Our Pinewood Open House is Thursday August 23, 2018 Kindergarten from 5:30pm-6:30pm and 1st-6th grade from 6pm-7pm

Last year we did a digital scavenger hunt during the open house.  It is a great way to explore the building and have fun during open house.  Parents we need you to download an app called goosechase, to be able to join the scavenger hunt.  The app looks like this:

goosechase app

Once you download the app it should show recommended games; if it doesn’t you can search for your child’s game using their homeroom teachers name and Pinewood.  Once you find the game for your child’s homeroom class the password is Pinewood.

goosechase usingapp.png

We separate the games by homerooms because this will allow you to see other children participating from your child’s classroom.  After you enter the game using the password you can click on missions to see what your child needs to do, or you can click on feed to see other students submissions from your child’s class.  This was a lot of fun last year I look forward to doing it again.  Once you child completes it they can come to me for a small prize.

Volunteering at Pinewood

Volunteer forms must be on file and completed new each year to be able to volunteer in our building.

JPS volunteer form

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Pinewood.  You can connect with your child’s teacher’s on classroom volunteering; Friday folders, making copies, hallway reading, organizing parties, field trip chaperones.  You can also volunteer in our library each week helping students check out books.  We run our library check out using volunteers primarily so if this sounds interesting to you we could really use your help.


  Library volunteers play an important role as partners in our school community. You are invited to join our amazing group of  of dedicated library volunteers! By sharing your time and talent with us, you can make a big difference in the quality of library service for our staff and students!

NO library experience needed!  We will train, support and assist you.  There is an ongoing need for help including: checking materials in and out, sorting and shelving, mending books, assisting with special projects or events, shelf-reading, and more.

By being a volunteer you will:

    *Acquire new skills and expertise

    *Meet new friends, staff and students

    *Keep up on the popular and new children’s books

    *Serve your child’s school family in an invaluable way

Please consider joining our wonderful LIBRARY VOLUNTEER TEAM TODAY!

Call or text Aimee Vlasblom (616) 406-7612 or email…Thanks!

Back to School Resources for Parents:

Supply List:

Pinewood Supply List 2018-19

Building Calendar and Daily Schedule

Building Tour

Pinewood Building Tour Video

Food Service

If you have not applied for Free or Reduced Lunch before because your child usually packs a lunch or you are new to our school please take a few minutes to fill out the application.

Jenison Food Service


Jenison Transportation

Before and After School Care

Jenison before and after school care information

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