Back to School Events and Routines 2018

Getting Back in the Routine for School

I am often asked to give recommendations on programs, apps, tutoring services, etc. that will help students be more successful in school.  And today I am going to share with all of you what I believe (and research supports) are two of the most important things you can do to help your child be successful.

  1.  Ensure they are getting enough sleep
  2. Read to them

There is no magic pill but these two things can work like magic.  Anyone with a child who needs a nap knows how much adequate sleep can interfere with behavior, emotional regulation, and critical thinking.  Our kids need to be getting enough rest each night to help them be their best the next day.  All kids are different but on average kids need between 9 and 12 hours of sleep a night.  I found this great visual to help think about bed times.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 9.09.47 AM

If you are like me your summer schedule gets shifted a bit with kids staying up later and sleeping in a bit later.  Starting to try to shift this a couple weeks prior to school will make the transition so much easier on your children and on your whole family.

We have been talking all summer about the importance of reading at home for many children before bed is a great time to read and wind down from their day.  Research shows that getting children away from a screen for at least an hour before bed will help them fall asleep easier if you can come up with a consistent bedtime routine that includes reading you will be doing amazing things for your child/ren.

bedtime reading image

The Pinewood Staff and I are excited for the start of the school year please share this video with your children to help get them excited as well.


Back to School Resources for Parents:

Supply List:

Pinewood Supply List 2018-19

Building Calendar and Daily Schedule

Building Tour

Pinewood Building Tour Video

Food Service

If you have not applied for Free or Reduced Lunch before because your child usually packs a lunch or you are new to our school please take a few minutes to fill out the application.

Jenison Food Service


Jenison Transportation

Before and After School Care

Jenison before and after school care information

We will have an end of summer popsicle party on Thursday August 16, 2018 from 6pm-7pm

Our Pinewood Open House is Thursday August 23, 2018 Kindergarten from 5:30pm-6:30pm and 1st-6th grade from 6pm-7pm


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