Pinewood Summer Week 4: How to Help Keep Reading Fun for Your Child

Finding Books They Will Love


By this point in the summer keeping your child reading can seem very difficult.  To be honest there has been days in my home where my daughters 15 minutes of reading starts with 20 minutes of whining, which just about pushes me over the edge.  Although, there is a ton of research to support this, any parent with a child who has found their favorite book or magazine can tell you that finding the right book makes reading time more enjoyable for the child and for the parent.  Even with all of the books out there it is hard to find those just right fits sometimes.  Here is a couple or articles that I found that give great advice on how to help parents find books for their kids.

7 Ways to Find Books Your Kids Will Love via Scholastic

Building Book Worms:  Finding Books Your Child Will Love via Early Learning Center

Also Mrs. U’Ren, Mrs. Schultz, Jenison’s literacy specialist, and I, had the opportunity to attend an amazing literacy conference this week and we met Story Mamas.  These are three moms who are or were also educators and give great book reviews for kids of all ages.  You can find them with their #storymamas or at their website

Don’t forget every Thursday from 4pm-6pm you can bring your child to the Pinewood Library and find great new books for your child to read.

Student Book Reviews

In honor of Harry Potter’s 20 year anniversary I will be sharing two more Harry Potter book reviews this week; one by James M. and one by Anthony N.

 Harry Potter

                     And The Prisoner of Azkaban

                     Arthur: J.k Rowling by James M

Here are some reasons to  read the Prisoner of Azkaban. Because it’s a book that you can read and then watch the movie so I think that is cool.

Plus it shows you somethings about Harry’s past.

It shows you the infamous murder Serious Black the Wizard who killed 13 people with one curse. Some of them were muggles he works for Voldemort, and he killed Harry Potter’s dad Voldemort killed his mom.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 3.23.55 PM

Book review By Anthony N. If you like mystery,if you like twists, And if you like magic.

You’ll Love

 This book is about a young boy named Harry Potter he lived almost 10 years with his Aunt, Uncle, and their son Dudley. Harry survived the dark arts master Voldemort.

When his parents didn’t. I think anyone would like this book. And if you don’t like it at first it is because it is one of those books where it takes a bit for it to get interesting but after the point in the first book the rest of the book and the entire series is really exciting/interesting. This is why you SHOULD read Harry Potter and THE SORCERER’S STONE. By Anthony N.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 3.25.40 PM

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