Pinewood National Blue Ribbon School Video Highlight

Pinewood Elementary National Blue Ribbon School 2017

This past fall Pinewood had the honor of being recognized along side of 13 other schools from Michigan as a National Blue Ribbon School.  Pinewood’s school improvement team worked very hard on our application which in combination with our student achievement data was used to qualify us for this prestigious award.  We had so much fun celebrating with staff, students, and our school community this past fall while we were also celebrating Pinewood’s 50th Birthday.

Out of the 300 schools across the nation that were selected as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2017, Pinewood was one of only four spotlight schools.  The National Blue Ribbon committee did a site visit of our school and created a video.  The video was recently released and I am excited to share it with our school community.

You can also learn more about the National Blue Ribbon award and the other spotlight schools from this newsletter.

National Blue Ribbon June 2018

Student Book Recommendation

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling

Persuasive Paragraph By:Caleb Wagner  

Here is why I think you should read Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets.  First, if you like active books this a book for you.  And if you are a really good reader in third grade or up and just nothing seems interesting to you, you should try Harry Potter.  But first read Sorcerer’s Stone.  Second, if you like things with potions and wands and magic this book is perfect for you.  But I’m not done yet, if you like books that are really long Harry Potter is a really good fit for you.  If you really like adventurous books Harry Potter will be perfect for you. That is why I think you should read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.




review by Corbin M.
This is why you should read Harry potter.

First, it is book three in the Harry Potter series.  Next, if you like fantasy and doing magic with wands, you will like this story. After that, If you like wizards, witchcraft, and wizardry then read this book!Last, It has a lot of action in it. Finally, it is a hard book. So if you want a challenge pick this book. That is why you should read Harry Potter. This is a picture of Serious Black  



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