Pinewood Pride Summer 2018 Week 1; Summer Reading and Pinewood Summer Library Program

Why is it Important to Read During the Summer?

A recent study from John Hopkins University showed that the achievement gap in 9th grade could be directly connected to differences in summer learning and summer learning loss. Studies indicate that most students can lose up to a month or more of learning over the summer each year, which could result in 1-2 years of achievement difference for students once they get into high school.

Research also shows that one simple intervention can make a large impact. If you knew that in as little as 15 minutes each day you could do something for your child that could help them have a more successful transition back to school in the fall, could improve their academic achievement next year and into the future, and positively impact their social and emotional health would you do it?

If you are thinking yes of course I would then I have a very simple answer for you READ with your child for 15 minutes a day and you will be making a bigger difference than any tutoring program, website, or outside program could do.

Setting Expectations and Schedule

As a parent I understand that getting your child to read with you for 15 minutes a day sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Families are busy; parents work, kids go to camp, kids want to play outside, dinner needs to happen every single day, along with laundry and dishes it’s a never-ending cycle. How and where does 15 minutes of reading fit in? Each family is going to be different.  For my family during the school year our reading time happens right before bedtime, otherwise sports schedules and work events get in the way. During the summer our evening routine is not as consistent and so bedtime reading doesn’t work quite as well. Instead what I do is require my daughters to do their summer learning, 15 minutes of math, reading, and writing (45 minutes total) each morning after breakfast before anything else. I also have a list of other chores that they have to do before they can; play with their friends, watch tv, go swimming, or access any electronics. This prioritizes these activities for my kids and gets them done before the day runs away from us. Our Jenison Parent Liaison’s had some great suggestions in their last newsletter to help parents try to create a summer schedule that works best for their family, even in the summer kids need some structure and routine to feel safe and successful.

Pinewood Summer Library Program

To help keep your child engaged and having fun with their reading this summer please bring them up to Pinewood for our Summer Library Program.  Every Thursday from 4pm-6pm our media center will be open. Staff will do a read aloud and a small activity with the students and then we will have book check out. If your child is nervous about leaving school for the summer or about coming back in the fall coming to the library each week is a great way to get them or keep them connected to the building.

Beat the Heat Jenison Public Schools Elementary Summer Reading Challenge

Jenison wants to encourage all students to keep reading all summer and celebrate their success. Your student was given a Beat the Heat Summer Reading tracking sheet. If they lost it you can visit this link to download a new copy you can also see a fun video from Mrs. Staley.


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