Humans of Pinewood by Rylee

Hi my name is Rylee I am humans of Pinewood I am interviewing Addison Perrin in 3rd grade Addison is 9 years old her birthday is Jan.29🎂.She is turning 10 this year so am I .Her favorite subject in school is reading Addison’s favorite color is teal.Addison’s friends are Rylee,Olivia,Melissa,Kamber and Brynn.Addison’s favorite animal is a pig.Addison’s favorite thing to do outside is go on the swing.Addison’s favorite thing to do at home is go outside.Addison’s favorite kind of candy is a peanut butter cups.Addison’s favorite sport is gymnastics .Addison’s favorite ice-cream is chocolate chip cookie dough yum yum .Addison’s favorite kind of food is mac and cheese.Addison has a good talent it’s art🎨she is really good at it you should see her do it sometime.Addison has my favorite song it is call me maybe I love it a lot.Addison’s favorite game is tag I am the one who plays it with her it’s fun TAG ha ha!!Addison’s nick name is Addy I call her that.Addy is nice because she teaches me things like she taught me how to do a flip on a swing it’s easy for me now all because of Addy.Addison’s favorite tv show is Fuller house.Addison’s favorite teacher’s are Mrs.Veldink and Mrs.Vantimmeren.Addison ‘s favorite special is gym.Addison’s favorite thing to draw is tree’s. Addison’s favorite season is summer.Addison’s favorite day of the week is friday and her favorite holiday is Christmas.Addison’s favorite toy is a squishy it’s my favorite toy too.Addison is really good at reading she already got top three in reading because she reads at home and she reads over 20pages.Addison is a really good friend you should have her as a friend!!!Addison’s favorite place to go for vacation is Mexico.Addison

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