Humans of Pinewood by Olivia

Hi my name is Olivia and I’m interviewing Anna for humans of Pinewood reporter.Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite animal in a owl.She is 9 years old and she is turning 10 this year on October 10.Anna’s favorite food is tocos🌮. Her favorite sport is softball and she plays with Olivia.Her favorite song is “call me maybe”.Her favorite show is liv and Maddie
Her best friends are Olivia,Lauren,Rylee and Kamy. Her favorite teacher is Mrs Veldink. Anna’s favorite book is remarkable . Her favorite subject is reading 📖.Her favorite thing to do at home is play with her brother.Her favorite season is summer.Her favorite holiday is Christmas Her favorite special is gym.Her favorite drink is 7up.Her favorite treat is a cupcake and ice cream and donuts
Her favorite store is target.She likes to go on vacations with her family and here’s some places she went Disney world ,great wolf lodge ,Zenderthe sand dunes ,California and Grand Rivienes,crafts,playing outside, and reading.Her favorite candy is lollipop . This was my first report on Anna ohm thank you for reading!D8B562F3-59BE-4938-B4D2-88ED7D731AFD28233B67-8A43-432C-832D-C30325FAB836

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