Mrs. Richey’s Rockstars finished up their “Super Reader” unit and celebrated with a parade, capes and Super Reader Pointer Sticks.  They worked very hard on all of their reading powers and Mrs. Richey is very proud of them.


Humans of Pinewood by Lauren

Hi my name is Lauren and I’m the humans of Pinewood reporter and I am in third grade and I am in Mrs.Veldinks and Mrs.vantimmerens class and I am interviewing Mrs.Veldink and she is the best teacher ever 😇her favorite sport is tennis 🎾 and her favorite food is pizza 🍕 and her Fav book 📚 is the hate you give she had three kids Abby,Kate and Olivia sadly Olivia died of AT 😭😪and Kate still has AT.


Abby just got engaged a few weeks ago.And they have one dog.And she is married.Her dream place is Israel.She has two sisters and one of her sisters is a professor at Eastern Michigan University and the other sister works as a nurse at the Holland Hospital.She traveled to Africa and Australia 🇦🇺 .

Halloween Fun!

Mrs. Richey’s Rock stars had a special visitor come on Halloween, along with our special parade and party.  Mr. Louisell came and sang Halloween songs, as we listened, danced and laughed.  He even included all of us in a Halloween song about trick or treating.  We also enjoyed walking the parade with our 4th grade buddies.  Our party was filled with a lot of snacks, putt putt into a Jack O Lantern (Mrs. Richey really like this one), and making skeletons out of Q tips.