Time Capsule Items from 1992

Here are a few images that we found in the old time capsule from 1992. So first we have a 6th grade camp hat and shirt. Next, we have a name of the principal from 1967. After that, there is an old safety belt made of plastic. Then, there is a P.M class of preschoolers and an A.M class of preschoolers. Then, there is 2 writings that we picked that we wanted to share. ( Megan and Justin) After that, there is a year book from 1992. Then, there is a map of Michigan on the bottom. Lastly, 1992 made a banner that said ”Hello 2017” that was cool. So take a look at the pictures!

TLAP 2017

The staff and students had a wonderful time on Friday, October 27 celebrating TLAP day!  I overheard students saying they wanted to skip recess to attend a class.  I had parents tell me that their child could not wait to come to school!  How awesome!  The students who attended the TLAP lesson in Room 13 would like to give a huge shout out to Walmart and Kapteyn Farm for their generous donations of pumpkins and the supplies to decorate them. This  lead to a creative writing assignment.

Humans of Pinewood by Brynn

IMG_2655IMG_2656IMG_2657IMG_2658Hi my name is Brynn I am interviewing Mr.Beachum. His Favorite sport to watch is college Football. 🏈His favorite sport to play is basketball .🏀Favorite Color is red.
Favorite food is Lobster and his Favorite dessert is Apple pie.🍎 He has one sister named Meghan.👩🏼 Favorite activities, skiing, boating.What I like most about Pinewood…. is the Friendly, respectful students and the fun teachers I get to work with. His Favorite Book is Tuesdays with Morrie. His favorite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire
He is a gym teacher.🏃🏻⛹🏼‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤼‍♀️🤼‍♂️🚴🏾🥇🥈🥉
Growing up his favorite grade was 4th grade and his teacher was Mr. Burradell. His closest friends were Brandon and Nick. He grew up in Lowell, MI. He loves to ride his bike around town and be pulled by his favorite dog 🐶 ever on his roller blades. His hobbies are going for bike rides 🚵🏻 and going up north for weekend adventures, taking his dog Elle for walks in the orchard. His favorite person was his grandpa because He was kind to all people he met and his grandpa was the hardest working person he knew. He was a fruit grower and grew apples,peaches and some 🍒. His favorite memories are riding in his pickup truck through the orchards checking on the 🌲. He also loved when he took him for ice cream, but made him promise not to tell his grandma because he hadn’t had dinner. He also taught him how to drive. He is very thankful for these memories.

STEM Prize

We just finished up our introduction unit with Pinewood’s own STEM prize!  Every class had the chance to enter a 3D sculpture using minimal amounts of tape, and 3 different attachment techniques.  These could range from hole punch and wire, to L-braces, fasteners, flanges, and many more! Students created a variety of items, from zip-lines, to ships, cars and tire swings!  It was awesome to see their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication all at work!  Each class voted on their favorite projects and then our final judges picked the top 3 from 1st-3rd grade and 4th-6th grade.  Everyone did an awesome job!

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Humans of Pinewood by James

Hi my name is James and I am in room 14 and I am interviewing Corbin he likes books,math,writing.And he is nice and kind and funny 😂. Sometimes he makes me happy 😊. His favorite foods are chicken 🍗 and burgers 🍔.he even wrote a book called Giant Chicken. And he likes a book called warriors😻. Corbin’s favorite subject is 📖.he likes poke mon. And he likes gaga ball. His favorite color is blue. And His favorite Pokémon is mega charizard EX. His favorite 📺 movie 🎥 is hopa and the clash of ages. IMG_2643IMG_2644IMG_2645