Humans of Pinewood by Griffin

IMG_1001IMG_1003IMG_1004IMG_1006Hi my name is Griffin and I’m interested to learn about Micah? A student in Mrs Lemmen 3rd grade classroom at Pinewood elementary school in Jenison school district.So here’s some facts about Micah.His favorite sport is swimming.His favorite food is pizza.His favorite candy is a Hershey bar🍫.His favorite color is blue.He has blue eyes and brown hair.He likes to play prodigy and animaljam.
He likes to travel to Florida and Chicago.He likes to play Pokémon with Hunter I. and Elliot.He likes to play Gaga ball to.These are some facts about Micah.Here are some facts about Micah at school.He likes to play frisbee in gym.He likes stem classes.His birthday is March 26th.His favorite season is fall.He likes to read .His favorite professional football team is the Chicago cubs and the Detroit lions.His favorite stores are Chicago stores like the mall and target.He likes to eat at is Olive Garden and he likes to eat Red sticks there.He has 4 people in his family his brother name is Mason his mom and dad’s names are Tod and Sunshine.He likes to doodle on his paper 📝. I chose Micah because he was a very interesting person and I thought you’d like to see what he was all about.He likes to visit Minnesota.He likes to play minecraft even when he should be sleeping.That’s Micah.This has been a great interview.👋



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