Super Reader Strength HOPE

The last strength that is discussed in the book Every Child a Super Reader  by Pam Allyn and Ernest Morrell is hope.

Allyn and Morrell state, “Hope is a basic human need.  When we lose our hope, we lose our humanity.  For more than two decades, Shawn Ginwright has worked with students who have experienced tremendous suffering in their lives.  The difference, he argues, between the kids who are able to confront and ultimately overcome obstacles and those who are unsuccessful, is hope”.

We want all Pinewood students to feel like they can have big, amazing dreams and the ability to reach those dreams.  Students who believe in themselves are full of hope for what their life will be like in the future.  Our students learn to think ahead and dream big by setting goals for themselves and celebrating their progress towards these goals.

Families at home can help students build hope by:

  • Make a list of family “hopes” for a week or a season and post them.
  • Talk about what kids hope for their future, encourage them to dream big.
  • Talk about ways to encourage others to be hopeful.
  • Find stories in the world about hope and optimism to share with your child.

Student Book Recommendation

Holes by Louis Sachar

student reviewer Meredith

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 4.32.30 PM


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