Super Readers Courage


In the book Every Child a Super Reader this week’s strength is courage.

Allyn and Morrell state, “Whether a child is learning a new difficult skill or reimagining their ability to tackle a challenge, risk taking and courage play important roles.  Risk taking begins with a decision to act, and courage provides the inspiration to act”.  Learning so many new things can be both scary and exciting for kids.  Every day they are introduced to new concepts and we expect them to tackle each with energy and positivity but we don’t always give students the credit for how courageous they are every day.  Imagine if you showed up to work and every day you were given training on something new, your boss expects you to learn it and use it, and then you show up the next day and not only are you using that new skill you are learning something new again.

At Pinewood we strive to make learning fun and to create an atmosphere where students feel like they own their learning, but it still doesn’t mean they don’t need a little courage to keep jumping in to new experiences each day.

“Becoming a super reader requires courage.  Whether it is having the strength and perseverance required to tackle a difficult text or the will to act upon the things that we read that demand us to be different in the world, courage is the key”.  (Allyn&Morrell)

What Can You Do at Home to Help Develop the Strength of Courage:

-Have conversations about what courage is.

-Point out in books and movies when you see acts of courage and ask your child what made it courageous.

-Support your child when they want to stand up for a big idea, a cause, or a friend.

-Praise your child when you see them persevering and taking risks.

-Give your child opportunities to show courage trying new activities and learning new skills.

Student Book Recommendation

Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton

reviewed by Maggie S.

Soul Surfer By: Bethany Hamilton Book review by: Maggie S

You should read this book! If you like the ocean you would like this book. Bethany lives in Hawaii. She got attacked by a shark when she was with her friend and her bff and the bff’s brother and dad. Did they act quickly to save her life? Will she survive? Fun fact: She nearly died from blood loss in the attack. She nearly died from blood loss in the attack.Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.46.31 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 12.46.22 PM

Me as a reader When I was little I found out about Winter from Clearwater Marine Aquarium . At the age of nine I was able to go to Florida with my family and see Winter and Hope, the Bottlenose dolphins .Then it struck me the girl in the movie Dolphin Tale 2 was Bethany Halman world champion surfer!

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