Super Reader Kindness

When I started to write this weeks blog post I spent a few minutes looking back on the past weeks and thinking about how important each of these Super Reader traits are; Belonging, Curiosity, Friendship, and this week Kindness.  These characteristics are what help our students not just achieve academically but become good individuals who care about each other and feel connected to their community.  When I think about what I want for my own kids and the skills I want them to develop these would all be at the top of my list, with this week’s focus of kindness being number one.


Why is kindness an important trait for Super Readers to develop?  Research shows that when students are happy they can learn more, when other students are kind it makes a big impact on the happiness level of the whole classroom.  We can help model kindness in both the books we share with our students and with how we encourage and model how students behave and treat each other.

“Studying point of view in literature can have a far-reaching influence on a child’s ability to respect perspectives that may be different from his or her own”  pg.85

Here are some suggestions from Every Child a Super Reader  to help your child develop their sense of kindness:

  • Borrow books from friend, family, or neighbors.  Demonstrate the proper care of other’s property and how to show gratitude.
  • Let your child know when someone showed you kindness, and how it made you feel.
  • Help your child keep track of acts of kindness that he or she receives.
  • Encourage your child to do an act of kindness each day.
  • Talk openly and honestly about digital citizenship.  What does it feel like when someone is being kind to you online?  When have you expressed kindness online?
  • Find out if your local library or community offers programs to help teach reading skills, if it does see if there are volunteer opportunities.
  • Encourage your child to start a digital blog or journal of kindness.

Student Book Recommendation

See You in the Cosmos

Author: Jack Cheng

by Sara Jean P.

See You in the Cosmos

    See You in the Cosmos is about a young boy named Alex Petroski. He has a plan to send his golden IPod into space like his hero Dr. Carl Sagan. Him and his dog who he named after his hero. Went to SHARF with a rocket he made. Along the way he meets some friends and doesn’t think he can make it all the to SHARF. But the big question is will the rocket he made make it to space. The real adventure though comes after SHARF. What will happen I don’t know. Read See You in the Cosmos to find out.
About the Author

Jack Cheng was born in Shanghai China. But he grew up right here in Michigan. After spending nearly a decade in New York,, working in advertising and tech,he now lives in Detroit he now lives in Detroit so much easier see you in the cosmos is his first novel for young readers.


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