Super Reader Friendship


This week’s chapter in Every Child A Super Reader focused on the strength of friendship.  Friendship is often something we identify as a necessary characteristic to support well being for kids but is over looked when we are discussing academic achievement.  Students who are able to understand the dynamics of relationships within the text and identify friendships are able to understand many more aspects of the storyline and make predictions and inferences with higher accuracy.  If a child is often misunderstanding relationships of characters with a book they may also be doing this with relationships in real life.  Helping students create strong friendships is important to their well being and happiness.

Reading can be a venue to help foster friendships and make connections for students.  Students can connect based on shared reading interests or even by identifying common themes they find in books and texts.  As you are helping develop your child’s curiosity, last week’s strength, you can help connect them with other individuals to dig into the book or the ideas that come from the book.  Maybe your child is reading a book about soccer and is curious about the rules and you know a cousin or neighbor that loves soccer that is an easy connection.  Finding those opportunities and helping your child know how to start with questions and conversation starters are great ways to help them develop relationship skills and strong friendships.


Student Book Recommendation

Colt C.

Circus Mirandus Cassie Beasly Book Report By Colt J C.


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.19.14 PM

????????Why you should read this book???????? If you like a little bit of mystery, a lot of fantasy, and some adventure…This book is for you. The adventure awaits.

All about me

Here are some things about me. I am almost ten. I live in Jenison, Michigan I have two a younger sibling and an older sibling. I love to read. I love animals. I like reading under my bed that is almost as tall as me. I like nature books, fantasy books, and informational books. Thank you for reading have a nice day.

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