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Super Reader Strength BELONGING

One of the many powerful attributes students gain from reading is empathy.  When students read they are putting themselves in the mind of someone else.  They are transported to new worlds and time periods.  A student can think about how hard it would be to live with a disability but when they read the book Wonder they can live in the skin of someone with a facial deformity and understand in a way that wasn’t possible before.  Books can also help student see themselves in the characters, many students feel like they are the only one in the world dealing with certain issues, when they find a character going through the same situation they feel like they are not alone.  This is why belonging is one of the strengths of Super Readers.

Finding stories of belonging and identifying this theme when discussing books and reading with your student will help them to realize how amazing it can be to feel connected to book characters.  It will also help them see the difference between books and movies; in video its rare to hear what someone is thinking or how they are viewing a situation in books you are in the mind of the character.

When you are creating a reading world for your child at home, helping them see reading belongs in your home is important.  Here are some great suggestions from the book on how to create a reading community at home.

Week One: Belonging
Invite children and families to create a sense of belonging as readers at home. Make a cozy nook for reading. Collect favorite books from the library or on a digital device and designate an area at home for this reading life. Create a “reading on the go” kit so that when there is a sibling’s soccer game or a long subway trip, that bag of books or tablet can come along for the ride. Encourage families to make a refrigerator chart called “We Are All Super Readers,” and feature each family member’s photo. Make the home a place of belonging and safety for the reading experience.



Student Book Recommendations

Student:  Hunter N.

Hunter enjoys reading non-fiction and learning about topics he is interested in.  Hunter is recommending a book called Lizards, from National Geographics.  Hunter really likes the great photos and the interesting facts.

Hunter book recommendation video

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 2.16.55 PM

#PinewoodPride Super Readers!

Happy first official week of summer 2017.  Every Tuesday on the blog this summer I’m going to work to share important information about our building and school community, and also share information to support student summer learning.

Every Child a Super Reader by Pam Allyn and Ernest Morrell is a core resource I’m going to use to help share our philosophy on reading.  This book is for educators, parents, librarians, anyone who is invested in helping support children in their community.  We know reading achievement is linked with success in so many other areas, its almost like once a child develops a strong reading foundation they have a key that can take them anywhere.  By providing your child with text to read and the opportunity/expectation daily to read you are doing the most important thing you could do to help your child be successful in school.  It seems crazy but research study after research study has shown it is independent reading and access to books that correlates with huge gains in student achievement.  As a parent myself I know how busy days can be and how many other things parents have to do, and how hard it can  be to encourage a child to read who has not found a love for reading yet, but don’t give up!  And if there is anything I or any Pinewood staff member can do to help and support you please let us know.  We want every Pinewood student to feel like they are a Super Reader.

What is a Super Reader?  From Pam Allyn and Ernest Morrell

Here is a helpful family guide on the Top Ten Ways to Nurture a Super Reader

Student Book Recommendation from Ava M.

The War That Saved My Life

By :Kimberly Brubaker Bradley Book Report By: Ava M

The war that saved my life


I think you might like this if you historical fiction.And there is a girl and her name is Ada and she has a problem with her foot. It is called clubfoot.And her mama doesn’t let her go outside or play with friends.


Ava as a Reader

When I have free time might read or play a game. But when I read lay on the couch or bed and get my dog. And I go a page backwards and reread the last paragraph and then keep reading . Have fun reading during the summer!

Kicking Off Our #PinewoodPride Summer Learning

#PinewoodPride Summer Learning

Family Guide


What Can You Do to Support Your Child?


  • Set expectations and routines for summer learning for at least 15 minutes every day!  
  • Ensure your student has access to books; either books you purchase, from the Pinewood library or Georgetown township library, or digital resources.
  • Read the Pinewoodblog this summer and stay connected to our Pinewood community.


Pinewood Summer Library Hours Digital Resources for At Home Learning Read the Pinewoodblog Each Week
Pinewood will have their media center open for students to connect, check out books, read, and have fun.  Every Tuesday from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 20, 27,

Tuesday, July 11, 18, 25

Tuesday, August 1, 8, 15

Each one of these Tuesday’s from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. the library will be open to check out books and read!


Discovery Education World Wide Summer Adventure

JPS weebly site and capstone books.

Tumblebooks login – jenison, password – wcats.

National Geographic For Kids Frontrow


Sum Dog

Xtra math

Book flix through MEL


Every Tuesday throughout the summer I will post on our building blog.  The posts will have helpful information on how to support your student’s summer learning.  The posts will also have student created book recommendations and helpful information to prepare for back to school as we get closer to September.



Help Your Student Track Their Reading

Inside of #JPSreads summer reading sheet

Outside of #JPSreads summer reading sheet