Humans of Pinewood by Miles

My name is Miles Smit,and I’m interviewIng Josiah Hoekstra.His favorite food is lasagna.His favorite color is hot pink.His favorite treat is angel food cake his favorite thing to do is woodwork.His favorite car is called a Jaguar.His favorite football team is the Chicago Bears.His favorite sport to do is pogo sticking. His favorite candy is
licorice.His favorite animal is an eel.His favorite game is Monopoly. These are some great things about Josiah.IMG_0989IMG_0990

Humans of Pinewood by Kaydance

IMG_0982IMG_0983Hi, my is kaydance and I am the Humans of Pinewood reporter this week. I interviewed Miss Florian because she is an awesome music teacher and I wanted to find out more about her. Her favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Her favorite book is the Harry Potter series. Her favorite color is blue. The happiest moment of her life was, when she found out she was going to grad school in New York university.