Pinewood Kindergarten Celebrates 100th Day (and Valentine’s Day)

This has been a busy week at Pinewood. We started our week by celebrating the 100th day of school!

The kids could dress up as a 100 year old, counted out a snack that was 100 pieces, wrote about what they learned these last 100 days, searched for 100 shapes in the number 100, and made themselves a pair of 100 glasses. While these days are very labor intensive, they are so much fun! Check out the pictures below of a few of our activities.


We also celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday. This is also a Kindergarten favorite. Passing out their Valentines for their friends, playing games, and crafting are just some of the ways we celebrate a day of LOVE. Check out the pictures below.

While it was a short week, it was full of fun and learning. Just the way kindergarten should be!

Hurray for 100 Day and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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