Humans of Pinewood By Ellie

Hi my name is Ellie and I have chosen Mrs.Brower. My big question was if she could have one superpower what would it be she said teleportation. Mrs. Brower said she grew up in Granville, Michigan. I asked her what her favorite book is and she said The Watson Go To Birmingham-1963. I asked her how long she has been teaching and she said she had been teaching for 23 years and 18 years at Pinewood. She said she had 2 pets. Muffin, a cat that is 9 years old and she has 6 toes on her two front feet. She also has Lucy a puppy that is 5 months old and drives Mrs. Brower CRAZY!!She said if she could play one sport it would be hockey or baseball because she would love to be that talented. She said the happiest moment of her life was when her daughter graduated high school because it made her realize she had raised a great daughter. I asked her how many siblings she had she said a older brother that when she was little she thought he was so annoying but now she thinks he is a great guy. I hope you love reading this as much as I loved doing this.img_0799img_0794

One comment

  1. Ellie! Thank you for your story! I love getting to know Mrs. Brower better and you two look awesome together in your picture! ~Mrs. Barr

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