Humans of Pinewood by Meredith


Hi! My name is Meredith and I am the Humans of Pinewood reporter this week. I chose Mrs. U’ren, the fifth grade teacher.
Mrs. URen loves teaching because she loves to make school fun and exciting for kids. Her dream vacation would be Costa Rica. Her favorite subject to teach is social studies. Mrs. URen has two kids herself. They both go to Pinewood. Mrs. URen said teaching in Jenison is her dream job that she has been fulfilling.

Pinewood Kindergarten Celebrates 100th Day (and Valentine’s Day)

This has been a busy week at Pinewood. We started our week by celebrating the 100th day of school!

The kids could dress up as a 100 year old, counted out a snack that was 100 pieces, wrote about what they learned these last 100 days, searched for 100 shapes in the number 100, and made themselves a pair of 100 glasses. While these days are very labor intensive, they are so much fun! Check out the pictures below of a few of our activities.


We also celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday. This is also a Kindergarten favorite. Passing out their Valentines for their friends, playing games, and crafting are just some of the ways we celebrate a day of LOVE. Check out the pictures below.

While it was a short week, it was full of fun and learning. Just the way kindergarten should be!

Hurray for 100 Day and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Humans of Pinewood about Rylee

My name is Abby Bast and I interviewed Rylee Wagner from Miss Pattison’s 5th grade class.Now here are some of her favorite things:

Food: Tomatoes
Color: Pink
Book: Serafina and the Black Cloak.
Movie: Sleeping Beauty
TV show: Full House
Dessert: Cupcake

img_0858img_0859“What do you want to be ,Rylee “I said. She said ” A teacher” then I said “Why?” She said ” Because I like kids I also want to teach 1st grade.” She has a sister-brother and a dad and mom.

Humans of Pinewood by Grace

My name is Grace and I interviewed Mrs Roper.Her favorite movie is the princess bride.Her favorite colors are blue and pink.She grew up in Ravenna Mi.She likes Thai food.She has 3 kids.she has a dog named Pippa that eats socks.Her favorite insect is a bee 🐝. Her favorite candy 🍭 is anything that’s Carmel or dark chocolate 🍫.Her favorite books πŸ“š are the Harry Potter series.And she likes the TV show Fixer Upper.img_0835img_0836

Humans of Pinewood By Ellie

Hi my name is Ellie and I have chosen Mrs.Brower. My big question was if she could have one superpower what would it be she said teleportation. Mrs. Brower said she grew up in Granville, Michigan. I asked her what her favorite book is and she said The Watson Go To Birmingham-1963. I asked her how long she has been teaching and she said she had been teaching for 23 years and 18 years at Pinewood. She said she had 2 pets. Muffin, a cat that is 9 years old and she has 6 toes on her two front feet. She also has Lucy a puppy that is 5 months old and drives Mrs. Brower CRAZY!!She said if she could play one sport it would be hockey or baseball because she would love to be that talented. She said the happiest moment of her life was when her daughter graduated high school because it made her realize she had raised a great daughter. I asked her how many siblings she had she said a older brother that when she was little she thought he was so annoying but now she thinks he is a great guy. I hope you love reading this as much as I loved doing this.img_0799img_0794