Robots in STEM

Pinewood students are off to a great 2nd year of robotics and coding.  This past week, they were reintroduced to robots Sphero, Ozobot, and Dash! Kindergartners are working with the line following robot “Ozobot”, while 1st-3rd are learning how to code Dash and creating a snow plow for him! 4th-6th graders will be creating an obstacle course for Sphero, and learning how to code their robot through it.  In the weeks to come, students will continue to work on different challenges to help build their coding skills, teamwork, and prepare them for their larger design challenge.  We are having so much fun with robots!

Humans of Pinewood by Sydney

Hi my name is Sydney this week I chose Mr. Beachum. His favorite sport to play is basketball. His favorite sport to watch is college football. His favorite food is crab legs. Another thing is his favorite thing for the class to do is floor hockey.Also sometimes he will play with us. P.s. He is Pinewoods PE teacher.Here are some pictures. I hope you liked this report today.

Humans of Pinewood by Jillian

img_0543img_0542My name is Jillianne Swanson and I am the Humans of Pinewood reporter this week and I chose Ms. Magro.


She teaches math and reading. I asked her where she grew up she grew up in New Buffalo, Michigan. I also asked her what her favorite Disney princess was and she said Ariel. I asked her what her favorite color is and she said coral. I asked her what her favorite book was and she said A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I asked her what her favorite meal was and she said it is a type of pasta called Ditalini. Do you have any pets. Buzz Aldrin, a cat Neil Armstrong , also a cat. What would be your dream outfit. Bluejeans and a planet shirt. Dream vacation is Italy.