We are thankful for learning!

The day before Thanksgiving break, students and teachers at Pinewood are thankful for the ability to learn and grow.  Below is a picture of 3rd graders in math working on their sorting and counting skills using Legos.  The 5th graders are doing a “read-in” where they were able to bring in comfy items from home to read with.



Humans of Pinewood by Carley

Hi my name is Carley and I’m in 4th grade. I’m the Humans of Pinewood reporter. I chose Maklya in 4th grade because she loves school and she is a very good friend to me. I asked her what her favorite sport was she said basketball. Also I asked her what her favorite subject for school was she said reading . I asked her what her favorite book is and she said it was The Land of Stories because she loves the adventures.And she said her favorite color is purple.I also asked what her favorite Disney princess was and she said i don’t have one .

Mrs. Veldink Human of Pinewood by Luke

Hi my name is Luke and I am humans of Pinewood reporter.I chose Mrs Veldink because she was my 3rd grade teacher.Mrs Veldink is one of my favorite teachers.Mrs Veldink reads books like escaping the giant wave,the marvelous journey of Edward Tulane, and Mc Heart was here.Sometimes during lunch you can go to her room and have lunch with her.If your in her class she does a thing called lit lunch and you get breadsticks.This year Mrs Veldink has an assistant teacher which was one of my favorite teachers in 2nd grade.Her name is Mrs Vantimmeran.Mrs Vantimmeran is in the morning and Mrs Veldink is in the afternoon.Mrs Veldink tends to loose her glasses once in a while.She gives out gum on tests and is very funny.She is very good at writing and made me love writing.She loves drinking tropical smoothies.She has the biggest book collection I have ever seen.Mrs Veldink has.2 children Abby and Kate.She had 3 but livi died😩😭Mrs Veldink favorite sport is tennis. I asked Mrs Veldink
Do you like, love, extremely love or very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very VERY love teaching.She said the last choice.img_0456img_0455img_0453img_0454

Humans of Pinewood by Ian

img_0442img_0452Mrs. Barr sixth grade teacher


Hi my name is Ian I’m the humans of Pinewood reporter.
I met Mrs.Barr when my brother had her in reading and in makers club.
She was really awesome .

When Mrs.Barr was a kid she loved playing sports.
She loved reading so much that she read all of the Nancy drew books.
She loves m and ms because they are colorful and happy.
Mrs Barr used to act is stage plays.

I asked Mrs Barr why did you want to be a teacher she told me.
Mrs Barr was with filing out worksheets so her teacher
Let her read out loud to the class.she made many different voices. She enjoyed the smiles of her classmates her teacher gave her the biggest compliment she said”,Lori you would make a wonderful teacher.
She also said so I became a teacher because I wanted to create experiences for my students in order to help them love learning!

Halloween Fun…

Pinewood students had so much fun on Halloween.  From classroom parties to an all school parade, the students truly did a great job exhibiting CATS behavior.  Designing haunted houses for our 6th graders was a highlight as well.  A big thank you to all of our parent volunteers for helping to plan these great festivities for our students.

img_0418 img_0422 img_0415