5th Grade Personal Narratives

Pinewood 5th Graders have been very busy writing their personal narratives these last couple of weeks! Students were instructed to share an experience that they had to overcome. After students published their writing, they were able to share their experiences with their classmates. Below are some of the awesome stories!


Personal Narrative- Conner Larson

 Chapter 1  A beckoning from downstairs  ______________________________________________

The date was November 2011. I cannot recall the day though I think it was a Wednesday. I was playing in my mom’s room. We were living at my grandma’s house at the time. Her house is very creepy. Don’t even get me started on how many spiders there are! Well, the basement is the worst! On that specific day that all changed. It all started when my mom beckoned me from down the stairs…

“Conner,” she yelled up the stairs.  “Can you check the dryer in the basement!” “but mom I’m afraid of the basement,” I yelled back at her. “You can handle it,” she yelled as she walked away. Alas my journey into the basement had to be made. So I gained up my courage and went to the dark dreary damp basement…

Chapter 2  Into the darkness   


I turned on the light to the basement. It looked dim and eerie down there. I took a step. I could feel the cold hard wood stairs on my feet. I took two steps. Then i took 5 steps. I felt a shiver down my spine. There were eleven steps. I took 4 more and i was there in the sawdust smelling basement. I crept around the corner and slowly turned on the light to the laundry room. The dryer was still running. I thought “i better stay down here until it’s done.”   

      I looked around. “This place is amazing,” i thought. It had old DVDs, old soundtracks, records, and a record player! “Wow,” I said out loud. I started looking and looking and I found a RC car model trains and lots and lots of boxes. When I looked in the other room…

      It had toys, toys, and more toys! From play mobiles to duplos it had everything! On the bookshelf I saw so many books and it had a couch! It was amazing! Then I heard a noise. Not from the foot steps upstairs  but something different. Then I heard it again. “Creek!” I was so scared I ran up the stairs knowing that I would have to go down there again. Maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but someday…


Something Scary- Taylor Meeuwsen

      One day I hurt my knee and this is how it happened. It was a hot steamy evening and it just so happened to be a night I had a softball game. My mom and I got in the car to go to my softball game. When we got there I did warm ups with my team. After that my teammates and I went to our positions, I was at pitchers mound. “Batter up,” the catcher said. After a few minutes of pitching there was a sharp pain in the back of my knee. Finally, I pitched the last strike and the batter was out. Phew, I thought now my knee won’t hurt as bad.

     After a long time the game was done. I told my mom that my knee hurt again. “I think overextending it is making it worse,” said my mom. There has been a large bump in the back of my knee for a long time.

    A cold gloomy morning, a week or so later, the large squishy bump was still there, and it was a sharper pain than before. I just tried not to think about it by cleaning my untidy room. Then all of the sudden the bump popped out. I was so freaked out that I dashed up the stairs even though it hurt so bad

    “I think I should take you in,” said my mom. Therefore my mom took me to Metro Health. The doctors had me lay on a big bed while they moved a big thing over my knee. It took a picture of the inside of my knee. It was a long nervous wait. Eventually, the doctor came in with a pair of crutches. I used the crutches  for only a week. Now my knee is better!

Fire- Sara Jean Postle 


Hi my name is Sara Jean and if you are wondering if this is a true story it is. It may seem chaotic but bare with me.

It all happened at my dad’s house ( cheesey I know but it is all I could think of) When I wasn’t there don’t think it didn’t affect me. My older sister walked into the house from the bus. Well a grimace spread across her face she reached for her phone. Luckily the phone lit up or else she wouldn’t  be able to see through the smoke. She called for my dogs “ Remmy, Mason, Toby.” They didn’t come so she left the door open and walked outside to call my dad. “ I’ll be right home  call 911 I’ll call your mom,” my dad spat out into the phone as a rush of panic went through him. My sister grabbed her phone away from her ear and with her shaky hands dialed 911. “ Come quick our house is on fire we live in Brighton near Subway.” That is all my sister was able to get out before she got interrupted by my dad’s truck pulling up. “ Are you ok where are the dogs,” shouted my father. ‘ OMG the dogs there still inside! They must be locked inside your room.” my sister said breathing heavily “ Stay here I’ll be right back,” my dad said in the most heroic voice he could muster. With that he went inside. The next thing she knew, she was petting Mason. Where was my dad. “ Michael,” my sister yelled into the door. Out came my dad coughing from the smoke.

Finally the Debbi and the Fire department showed up and put out the fire. For a long time after that we lived in a camper in our backyard well until we crashed the camper and had to live in my aunts basement but that’s another story for a different time.

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