Halloween Decorations at Pinewood

Last week at Pinewood we had a C.A.T.S. celebration. By that I mean we celebrated the children who: C: Celebrated Kindness, A: Acted Respectfully, T: Took Responsibility and S: Stayed Safe.

To do this, we decided getting ready for Halloween would be a FUN way to incorporate as many kids as possible. We held as classroom door and locker decorating contest.

There were many creative and fun decorations around the whole school! We were pleasantly surprised by ALL the fun creative ways classrooms chose to get in the Halloween Spirit. The following are the winners:

Shannon from 5th grade won for the best Locker Decoration. We like the entire locker but the squirrel really caught our eyes, and we liked the incorporation of the stored nuts into her locker handle so she can still open her locker.



Mrs. Brower’s Class won for the Classroom Door. The kids had the idea, gathered most of the resources, broke into groups and totally worked together on this master piece:



Well done Pinewood! Thanks for such wonderful C.A.T.S. behavior. And thanks for getting us ready for Halloween.

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