Summer Learning Week 10 Count Down Continues!

Only 1 week till our Pinewood Open House on Wed. August 31, 2016.  And only 13 days till back to school!

Welcoming New Pinewood Staff

Our PinewoodPride staff has had a few changes this past year.  We are very happy to welcome some great new members to our Pinewood team.  I have created this video to be able to show staff pictures with their new positions, I’m hopefully this is helpful for students and parents.  At Pinewood we try hard to build strong relationships with families ensuring families know who staff members are is important.  After watching the video you will be introduced to new staff  you are also able to find all other staff members listed on our website and you can access contact information.

New Pinewood Staff Video

Tips For Transitioning Back to School

In previous blog posts I have shared the following:

I hope all of these posts have helped families start to prepare for the back to school transition.

Another very important part of a student’s back to school routine is getting back into their sleep schedule.  Sleep is essential for a child’s physical and emotional well being.  As a parent this is a part of the back to school transition that can easily be pushed to the back burner, you want to enjoy those last few late summer nights with your kids but if you are able to start them back on a sleep schedule 10 to 14 days before school you will be helping your child have a much more successful start to the school year.  Children who come to school tired are not as well prepared to learn.  The start of school is already such a big change for children when you add in a lack of sleep can create extra stress for parents and kids.  Here is a great article with tips on how to help get started with a back to school sleep schedule.  For myself as a parent the consistency of a set time and routine makes it much easier, and honestly having a quiet house by 9:30pm the last few nights has been kind of awesome.

Student Book Suggestion

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest                     By: Charles De Lint

                                                         Book Review By: Abby M.

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest is a book full of fantasy, magic, and fun! If you love these things you will love this book. It’s about an adventurous girl named Lillian. She lives with her aunt in a house near a cornfield. Past the cornfield there is the Tanglewood Forest. One sunny morning, and Lillian did her chores. Then she went in the forest to give the cats of the forest milk. Soon Lillian got tired so, she fell asleep under the old Beech tree. Little did she know, she layed down next to a snoozing snake! The snake struck and the pain woke Lillian up. After a second strike, then a third she fell. But, the cats of Tanglewood Forest circled around Lillian, who was dying. They used magic to turn her into something that wasn’t dying. A kitten! Find out more about Lillian’s adventures as a kitten by reading the book!





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