Summer Week 10 Another Great Book Suggestion and Pick up and Drop Off Information

Pick up and Drop Off at Pinewood

Last week I shared a post that had an informational video explaining where you can find lots of helpful resources on our website; from the building calendar to before and after school care sign up our website is a great resource for parents.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch the video you can access it again by using the link below.

Information on Website

Today I wanted to share about pick up and drop off procedures at Pinewood.  Pinewood was built in the 1960s and the parking lot was designed to keep up with traffic flow and provide parking spaces for what was expected at that time.  This requires all of our Pinewood families to be patient and understanding during busy pick up and drop off times.  Students are able to start arriving at school and waiting out front or playing on the playground at 8:35 in the morning, we also have a breakfast program they can access by coming into our gym.  Our warning bell rings at 8:45 to welcome students into the building and the tardy bell that signals the start of class rings at 8:50.  If a parent wants to walk their child into the building after the 8:45 bell we ask that they exit the building by 8:50 so they do not disrupt classes.  This is especially important for our Kindergarten students and parents.  Many students will be sad at first and want parents to stay but this causes many more tears and usually prolongs the issues.  I know how difficult it is to leave your child especially when they are upset.  I experienced it with my own daughter last year, but please trust that our staff will love and care for your child and help them have a great start to their day.

Our school day ends this year at 3:41.  The bell will ring right at 3:41 and students will be dismissed to head out to their bus, to parent pick up, or to walk home.  If you would like to come into the school to get your child you are welcome to, but we do ask that you park your car in a parking spot, not the pick up and drop off lane, and that you wait to enter until the bell at 3:41.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video that gives a visual to the parking lot and explains our pick up and drop off.

Pinewood Parking Lot

Student Book Suggestion

Rhys W., 4th grade

Amulet Series

By: Kazu Kibuishi

I liked this book because it has action and the characters are unusual. The book is about a girl named Emily that lost her dad when she was young and her great grandfather has chosen her to be a stone keeper. A stone keeper is someone who has an amulet that gets more power as it is used. If the stone keeper loses control of the amulet, they transform into a revolting monster. She is going on a journey to save her mom with her brother Navin. You will have to read the book to find out more.

I think people who like action and fantasy will like this book.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 5.35.31 PM

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