Summer Week 6 Some Hot Topics

School Supplies, The Election, and Pokemon Go….

This week’s post will cover some hot topics that you and your child/ren are likely seeing everywhere: School supplies, the election, and Pokemon Go.  I was trying to figure out a way to weave these three together but really couldn’t do it so instead I will discuss each briefly and end this weeks post with a student book suggestion.

School Supplies

I walked in to Meijer this past weekend and saw the annual change over from fun in the sun summer supplies, to back to school supplies.  We do still have many weeks of summer left but between now and then there will be many sales on supplies and I want to remind everyone where you can find the supply list.  We always have it on our website under Parent Resources.  Once you click into the Parent Resource tab you will see a link for Pinewood School Supplies, this is a google doc that starts with the kindergarten supply list you can scroll down and see the suggested supplies for every grade level.  We do accept donations of school supplies as well and we distribute those to students who are in need.  Our office opens on Monday August 15 and any supply donations can be dropped off then and are greatly appreciated.

The Presidential Election

With the Republican National Convention happening this week and the Democratic Convention following next week, election coverage in the media has been everywhere.  For me it has been a hard election to help my children understand because of the tone.  I have been looking for resources that I feel are appropriate for elementary aged children and thought other parents maybe as well.  One of my favorites is from Discovery Education, it is called Chase the Race.  It is focused on helping students understand our political system and how the Presidential Election works.  Scholastic News also has a great interactive site.  The Scholastic Site has an area with articles from kid reporters and also lets students share their thoughts with interactive polls and response tools.  I’m sure there are many other resources available but these were two I have used and found to be great for kids.

Pokemon Go

I had no idea what Pokemon Go was two weeks ago, but I started hearing so many things about it that I got curious and downloaded the app, yes I did double check my settings so my privacy is safe.  I have been trying to take my dog for a walk each evening  this summer.  After a winter that consisted of lots of eating and sleeping my poor dog had put on a little weight.  I had been asking my daughters to go with me and they did at first but became easily board.  I thought Pokemon Go would make our walks a little more appealing to them.  Wow, I was right the first night our normal 30 minute walk was over an hour and I did not hear once how much anyone’s feet hurt.  I did find out quickly though that it was very important to work in pairs you need someone to watch where they are walking and someone to watch for the Pokemon.  I saw this great video from a police station in Miami explaining the game and also giving some great safety tips.  If your child plays the game I would highly recommend watching this video together.

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Student Book Recommendation

Natalie W.  B4

Title: Once Upon a Marigold

Author: Jean Ferris

I liked this book because it was about a lost boy named Christopher who they often called Chris. When he was a little boy he ran away and a troll Edward found him in the woods. Christopher never wanted to go back to his original home because of all the rules they had. Across the woods was a castle with Queen Olympia and King Swithbert. They had 4 kids. They had a set of triplets who were all blond young girls. They also had a daughter who was named Marigold. Marigold was nothing like her older sisters. She loved to read greek myths and always disobeyed her mother. Chris started writing to Marigold by pigeon mail. They made up a name for pigeon mail. They called it P- Mail. They both discovered they both like to read greek myths and they sent P-Mail for about two years. They did that until Chris got a job at the castle as Marigold’s servant. Most of the time all they did was read or talk about greek myths. That’s why I like this book Once Upon a Marigold.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.41.08 PM


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