Week 5 Summer Learning nErDcamp

Before you read this week’s post mark your calendar for Pinewood’s Summer Playground Party Tuesday July 26, 2016 from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Students will get to play on the playground, get popsicles, and an opportunity to participate in a book exchange.  Bring any books you would like to donate and choose a new to you book/s to take home.



This past Monday and Tuesday I and other Pinewood teachers, had the opportunity to spend two days with amazing educators and authors from all over the country at a conference called nErDcamp.  It was such a great experience to connect with so many passionate educators.  The focus of the conference was on literacy.  The philosophy that was shared over and over again is every child can become a child that loves to read we just have to help find the right reading material for them.

One of the most exciting things about this conference is we get to meet authors and listen to them share about their own books and other books they love.  One of my favorite authors

was there, Raina Telegmeir.  She is author of popular graphic novels; Smile, Drama, Sisters.   Raina’s graphic novels help bring the story alive in a new way for readers from traditional chapter books.  The pictures can add more clues and information to make inferences for students while also providing support for struggling readers with offering visual clues beyond the words.  Raina also has turned many of the old Babysitter Club books into graphic novels.  If you like super heroes another great option is X-Men: Misfits.

If your child has not had the opportunity to read any of these I would suggest checking them out.  Her newest book which will be released this Fall is Ghosts.  I can not wait to get a copy.

GHOSTS Front Cover

Student Book Recommendation

By Zane D.

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe by

C.S. Lewis

It is about 4 kids Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter. One day
they all had to move during a war. Then Lucy found an
empty room with a wardrobe in it. When she went in she
found Narnia and Mr Tumnus. Lucy hung out with Mr
Tumnus. Yet nobody believed Lucy about Narnia. There is
much more to the adventure. So I would rate the book Five
out of Five Stars. I would recommend this book to people
who like fantasy. Reviewed By Zane


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