Week 4 Summer Learning Embrace Summer!

Summer is almost over….

As I was enjoying the Fourth of July celebrations this weekend I kept hearing people say something along the following, “Wow I can’t believe the fourth is already here, summer is almost over…”.  I don’t know when the Fourth of July became known as the end of summer but I’m not buying it.  Right now I’m sitting on my deck with my computer and here is the view behind it.


Summer is not almost over we still have a full two months of time to enjoy the warm weather and sun that lasts into the late evening hours.  You still have lots of days to fit in fun family time.

Also if you haven’t quite got your child on a summer reading, summer learning routine there is still lots of time.  If your student started right now imagine all of the books they could read.  This could be the summer they find that amazing book that stays with them throughout their life.  The one character, story line, adventure that they keep going back to in their mind years after they finish the book.  It takes as little as 15 minutes a day and the right reading material to beat the summer slide and help your child develop a love for reading.  This week we have some reading suggestions from a Pinewood teacher and Pinewood student.

Book Suggestions from 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Miles

I just finished reading these three new chapter books. Weekends With Max and His Dad by Linda Urban, is about a boy who must adjust to visiting his dad on the weekends and spending time in his dad’s new apartment in a new neighborhood.  Dad and Max, also known as Agent Pepperoni and Agent Cheese have funny and heartwarming adventures together. Great read for both boys and girls and especially for those who have two homes.
In Waylon! One Awesome Thing by Sara Pennypacker, Waylon and his friends are divided by Arlo Brady into 2 opposing teams. Waylon wants to be friends with everyone.  Waylon, who is a scientific mastermind, must also decide how to handle the bully that arrives at school.  Read this book to find out what Waylon’s awesome thing turns out to be.  Although the characters in this book are fourth graders it is sure to be an enjoyable book for many ages.
Second grader Jules in Starring Jules in Drama Rama  must choose between participating in a class ceremony or acting in a sitcom.  Having a very quiet best friend who doesn’t cheer her on and another friend who is moving away Jules must find a way to finish up second grade without turning into a drama queen.  This book written by Beth Ain,  is a book second and third grade girls will especially enjoy.

Student Book Suggestion by 4th grade Luci

Roller Girl

By:  Victoria Jamieson

Roller Girl rolled it’s way right into my heart because it is about roller skating and I love roller skating. I liked all the parts of the book because like I said I love roller skating. The main character name is Astrid and her best friend’s name is Nicole. Astrid goes to roller derby camp and Nicole did not she went to dance camp with Astrid’s least favorite person named Rachel. Astrid must do roller derby camp by herself. Read this book to find out what happens to Astrid and Nicole’s friendship in Roller Girl. I think anyone who likes roller skating will love this book.

Luci S.  B-4

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.42.50 PM

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