Summer Week 7 #PinewoodPride

Thanks for Attending the Pinewood Playground Party

Thank you to all the parents, students, and staff that were able to make it out to our playground party.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the students and meeting many new students and families.


For our new Pinewood families I wanted to share this great video that was created by our broadcasting club last year it is a student guided tour of Pinewood.

Pinewood Tour Video

We also have a building Facebook page, if you have not had a chance to check it out you will find lots of fun posts about Pinewood.

And since school supplies are filling up the aisles of local stores here is the link again to our supply lists.  Just click on Pinewood and then scroll down to the correct grade.

Pinewood Supply Lists

More Great Book Recommendations

I hope students have been finding books, magazines, or websites they are enjoying reading.  Remember just 15 minutes a day of reading will help maintain students academic skills and give them a great start to their school year.

Mrs. Miles has shared two new great book recommendations:

Do you love Winnie the Pooh as much as I do?  Then you will love reading the Caldecott  Medal book Finding Winnie- The True Story  of the World’s Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick. Harry Coleburn, a veterinarian on his way to tend horses in World War I, rescues a bear cub.  Read to find out about the adventures they have in this true story told by Harry’s real life great granddaughter.  Find out how the bear meets Christopher Robin and inspires the stories about Winnie-the-Pooh.
Mr.  Putter and Tabby Turn the Page by Cynthia Rylant is an easy to read chapter book.  Mr.  Putter and Tabby love to read together so when they find out that they can lead a Story-time at the library they are eager to sign up.  Find out what they love to read and what happens with Mrs. Teaberry’s dog, Zeke,  while at Story-time.

Book Recommendation from Sara Jean P.


By: Cynthia Lord

Rules by Cynthia Lord reminded me everyone is special, unique, and disabled doesn’t mean unable. Catherine has a little brother named David, and David has autism. Catherine feels embarrassed  so she makes David a whole bunch of rules. Catherine loves to draw so well David is at O.T she draws. She meets Jason a boy in a wheelchair that can’t talk. Jason starts to fall in love with Catherine. Also, Catherine has a next door neighbor named Kristi. She knows Catherine loves Jason but doesn’t know he is in a wheelchair and can’t talk. read RULES by Cynthia Lord to figure out what happens. If you like Out of My Mind, you’ll love Rules.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.30.51 AM

Sara Jean P with Rules


Summer Fun

Pinewood Playground Party!

Tomorrow, Tuesday July 26 from 6:30-7:30pm please join us on Pinewood’s Playground for our annual Playground Party.  We will also be doing a book exchange, bring a few books your child is finished with and donate them to our book exchange and find another book that your child can enjoy.

Landon’s Summer Learning

We have highlighted book recommendations each week this summer on the blog.  This week I wanted to share something one of our students is doing that has been an exciting learning experience for him.  If your child wants to share about some fun summer learning they have been doing encourage them to email me a blog post they may see it featured on one of our weekly posts.

Landon G.

Hi my name is Landon. I have attended pinewood elementary and will be
attending Jenison junior high this fall. I am raising 2 pigs for the
4-h program this summer. It has really taught me how to care for
animals I’ve had the responsibility of feeding and watering them
training them and cleaning their pens. And it has been a really great
experience so far next week July 24-30 I will be showing my pigs at
the Ottawa county fair in Holland and they will be auctioned off on
Thursday. If you would like you to come out and watch me you will find there is
fun for the whole family. Enjoy your summer.





Summer Week 6 Some Hot Topics

School Supplies, The Election, and Pokemon Go….

This week’s post will cover some hot topics that you and your child/ren are likely seeing everywhere: School supplies, the election, and Pokemon Go.  I was trying to figure out a way to weave these three together but really couldn’t do it so instead I will discuss each briefly and end this weeks post with a student book suggestion.

School Supplies

I walked in to Meijer this past weekend and saw the annual change over from fun in the sun summer supplies, to back to school supplies.  We do still have many weeks of summer left but between now and then there will be many sales on supplies and I want to remind everyone where you can find the supply list.  We always have it on our website under Parent Resources.  Once you click into the Parent Resource tab you will see a link for Pinewood School Supplies, this is a google doc that starts with the kindergarten supply list you can scroll down and see the suggested supplies for every grade level.  We do accept donations of school supplies as well and we distribute those to students who are in need.  Our office opens on Monday August 15 and any supply donations can be dropped off then and are greatly appreciated.

The Presidential Election

With the Republican National Convention happening this week and the Democratic Convention following next week, election coverage in the media has been everywhere.  For me it has been a hard election to help my children understand because of the tone.  I have been looking for resources that I feel are appropriate for elementary aged children and thought other parents maybe as well.  One of my favorites is from Discovery Education, it is called Chase the Race.  It is focused on helping students understand our political system and how the Presidential Election works.  Scholastic News also has a great interactive site.  The Scholastic Site has an area with articles from kid reporters and also lets students share their thoughts with interactive polls and response tools.  I’m sure there are many other resources available but these were two I have used and found to be great for kids.

Pokemon Go

I had no idea what Pokemon Go was two weeks ago, but I started hearing so many things about it that I got curious and downloaded the app, yes I did double check my settings so my privacy is safe.  I have been trying to take my dog for a walk each evening  this summer.  After a winter that consisted of lots of eating and sleeping my poor dog had put on a little weight.  I had been asking my daughters to go with me and they did at first but became easily board.  I thought Pokemon Go would make our walks a little more appealing to them.  Wow, I was right the first night our normal 30 minute walk was over an hour and I did not hear once how much anyone’s feet hurt.  I did find out quickly though that it was very important to work in pairs you need someone to watch where they are walking and someone to watch for the Pokemon.  I saw this great video from a police station in Miami explaining the game and also giving some great safety tips.  If your child plays the game I would highly recommend watching this video together.

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

Student Book Recommendation

Natalie W.  B4

Title: Once Upon a Marigold

Author: Jean Ferris

I liked this book because it was about a lost boy named Christopher who they often called Chris. When he was a little boy he ran away and a troll Edward found him in the woods. Christopher never wanted to go back to his original home because of all the rules they had. Across the woods was a castle with Queen Olympia and King Swithbert. They had 4 kids. They had a set of triplets who were all blond young girls. They also had a daughter who was named Marigold. Marigold was nothing like her older sisters. She loved to read greek myths and always disobeyed her mother. Chris started writing to Marigold by pigeon mail. They made up a name for pigeon mail. They called it P- Mail. They both discovered they both like to read greek myths and they sent P-Mail for about two years. They did that until Chris got a job at the castle as Marigold’s servant. Most of the time all they did was read or talk about greek myths. That’s why I like this book Once Upon a Marigold.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 12.41.08 PM


Week 5 Summer Learning nErDcamp

Before you read this week’s post mark your calendar for Pinewood’s Summer Playground Party Tuesday July 26, 2016 from 6:30pm-7:30pm.  Students will get to play on the playground, get popsicles, and an opportunity to participate in a book exchange.  Bring any books you would like to donate and choose a new to you book/s to take home.



This past Monday and Tuesday I and other Pinewood teachers, had the opportunity to spend two days with amazing educators and authors from all over the country at a conference called nErDcamp.  It was such a great experience to connect with so many passionate educators.  The focus of the conference was on literacy.  The philosophy that was shared over and over again is every child can become a child that loves to read we just have to help find the right reading material for them.

One of the most exciting things about this conference is we get to meet authors and listen to them share about their own books and other books they love.  One of my favorite authors

was there, Raina Telegmeir.  She is author of popular graphic novels; Smile, Drama, Sisters.   Raina’s graphic novels help bring the story alive in a new way for readers from traditional chapter books.  The pictures can add more clues and information to make inferences for students while also providing support for struggling readers with offering visual clues beyond the words.  Raina also has turned many of the old Babysitter Club books into graphic novels.  If you like super heroes another great option is X-Men: Misfits.

If your child has not had the opportunity to read any of these I would suggest checking them out.  Her newest book which will be released this Fall is Ghosts.  I can not wait to get a copy.

GHOSTS Front Cover

Student Book Recommendation

By Zane D.

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe by

C.S. Lewis

It is about 4 kids Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter. One day
they all had to move during a war. Then Lucy found an
empty room with a wardrobe in it. When she went in she
found Narnia and Mr Tumnus. Lucy hung out with Mr
Tumnus. Yet nobody believed Lucy about Narnia. There is
much more to the adventure. So I would rate the book Five
out of Five Stars. I would recommend this book to people
who like fantasy. Reviewed By Zane


Week 4 Summer Learning Embrace Summer!

Summer is almost over….

As I was enjoying the Fourth of July celebrations this weekend I kept hearing people say something along the following, “Wow I can’t believe the fourth is already here, summer is almost over…”.  I don’t know when the Fourth of July became known as the end of summer but I’m not buying it.  Right now I’m sitting on my deck with my computer and here is the view behind it.


Summer is not almost over we still have a full two months of time to enjoy the warm weather and sun that lasts into the late evening hours.  You still have lots of days to fit in fun family time.

Also if you haven’t quite got your child on a summer reading, summer learning routine there is still lots of time.  If your student started right now imagine all of the books they could read.  This could be the summer they find that amazing book that stays with them throughout their life.  The one character, story line, adventure that they keep going back to in their mind years after they finish the book.  It takes as little as 15 minutes a day and the right reading material to beat the summer slide and help your child develop a love for reading.  This week we have some reading suggestions from a Pinewood teacher and Pinewood student.

Book Suggestions from 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Miles

I just finished reading these three new chapter books. Weekends With Max and His Dad by Linda Urban, is about a boy who must adjust to visiting his dad on the weekends and spending time in his dad’s new apartment in a new neighborhood.  Dad and Max, also known as Agent Pepperoni and Agent Cheese have funny and heartwarming adventures together. Great read for both boys and girls and especially for those who have two homes.
In Waylon! One Awesome Thing by Sara Pennypacker, Waylon and his friends are divided by Arlo Brady into 2 opposing teams. Waylon wants to be friends with everyone.  Waylon, who is a scientific mastermind, must also decide how to handle the bully that arrives at school.  Read this book to find out what Waylon’s awesome thing turns out to be.  Although the characters in this book are fourth graders it is sure to be an enjoyable book for many ages.
Second grader Jules in Starring Jules in Drama Rama  must choose between participating in a class ceremony or acting in a sitcom.  Having a very quiet best friend who doesn’t cheer her on and another friend who is moving away Jules must find a way to finish up second grade without turning into a drama queen.  This book written by Beth Ain,  is a book second and third grade girls will especially enjoy.

Student Book Suggestion by 4th grade Luci

Roller Girl

By:  Victoria Jamieson

Roller Girl rolled it’s way right into my heart because it is about roller skating and I love roller skating. I liked all the parts of the book because like I said I love roller skating. The main character name is Astrid and her best friend’s name is Nicole. Astrid goes to roller derby camp and Nicole did not she went to dance camp with Astrid’s least favorite person named Rachel. Astrid must do roller derby camp by herself. Read this book to find out what happens to Astrid and Nicole’s friendship in Roller Girl. I think anyone who likes roller skating will love this book.

Luci S.  B-4

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.42.50 PM