Week 3 Amazing Summer Reads

Book Suggestions from Mrs. Brown

I have a couple of books that I have read with my daughters so far this summer and both were excellent so I thought I would share.  The first book we read Rules was by Cynthia Lord.  Rules main character is twelve-year-old Catherine. The story tells of how she handles the ups and downs of being an older sister of a brother with special needs and the unexpected friendships she is able to find along the way.  This book pushes the reader to think about how others are feeling and thinking and helps start great discussions on the unique needs of everyone.

The second book we read was by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, The War that Saved my Life.  This book was realistic fiction set in the 1940’s in England.  There was some tough vocabulary and some back ground historical information we had to discuss throughout the book to ensure my daughters were understanding but both loved the story.  The novel shares the story of two children Ada and Jamie that are evacuated from London during World War II.  My younger daughter was focused on the relationship Ada forms with a horse named Butter.  My older daughter was able to grasp the difficult relationship Ada had with her Mam, back in London and how that impacted her relationship with her new care giver Susan.  It is an inspiring story that I believe many families will enjoy.


Student Book Recommendations

Shannon V.

Title: Witches
Author: Roald Dahl

A boy’s parents have a tragedy . He has to move with his
grandma in Norway. She tells him about how witches can smell kids
from miles away. So he doesn’t take baths for a while so the
witches don’t smell him out because Norway is the main place for
witches to hide . Find out the rest when you read Witches . Thanks
for reading and have a great summer!
You would like this book if you like fantasies and magic!
I rate this book 5 stars!


By Kazu Kibushi

Review by Kiersten V

Amulet is a fantasy and is also a graphic novel. The two main
characters are a girl named Emily and her little brother Navin. One
night Emily, her mom, and her dad were going to pick up Navin. Then
it all started when the car fell down a mountain. Then the dad got
stuck in the car as it fell further down the mountain, he was gone. Two
years later they moved into a new house and as they were cleaning it
Emily found a necklace. Later that night they heard a noise coming from
the basement. So, they went down there to see what it was. Read to find
out what was in the basement and what crazy things happen next. This
book would be recommended for people who like fantasy and 
adventures. I would give this book 5 stars.


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