Brain Builders Summer Reading Week 2

Even though I’m working summer is in full swing at my house.  What does that mean; less of a schedule, staying up later, more time outside, and less motivation to do our summer learning.  Our first week of summer learning went great, this week I noticed a little bit less excitement.

Being creative with resources to support learning has helped continue to keep my kids reading, writing, and problem solving.  I know the forty five minutes each day seems like a long time but in reality when I’m looking at my daughter’s days it is only a small fraction and still allows them hours of time to play.  Will things come up and are there days it just doesn’t happen?  Yes that is reality, but making a learning a priority and preparing with resources will help your child maintain their academic skills and have fun trying things they haven’t tried before.

Resources for Upper Elementary Students

I shared many resources for lower elementary students last week, this week my focus will be on resources for upper elementary students.  I believe the best thing we can do for our older students is provide them with a variety of reading material they will be interested in.  The easiest way to do this is through the support of a community library.  Here are the libraries in our area along with their websites to review times they are open and programs they offer:

Local Library Programs:

Georgetown Library

Hudsonville Library

Kent District Library (multiple branches in Kent County)


Beyond the library I highly suggest teaming with neighbors, friends, and extended family members to do book swaps and shares.  Look around your home how many books do you have that your child has already read?  If you grabbed five books and contacted a handful of your child’s friends you could easily do a quick book trade and provide your child with five new reading books at no cost.

Online Resources

Another great resource is online educational websites.  The best site we have available to us is our district JPS elementary media weebly.  The weebly if full of great links that have been researched by elementary staff and have been found safe and educationally valuable.  One of the links is Tumble Books, this is a great online library full of digital books.  Tween Tribune is an online news magazine for kids full of current event articles.  MEL is also linked which is the Michigan eLibrary.  In addition to these great links the website also has links to typing programs and lots more under the extras tab.

-Tumble Books

-Tween Tribune




A few other excellent online resources are listed below.

Discovery Education


National Geographic Kids

Student Book Reviews

This weeks student book reviews are from four third grade students.  They worked in pairs to create these great iMovie trailers.
Joey and Camden made this great video about the book series Wings of Fire.

Wings of Fire



Riley and Addison created this great video about Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries


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  1. I am thankful that I am not the only parent who notices that holding the Summer Learning time difficult when things come up. I appreciate the blogs of ideas and reminders to keep focused on the goal of building our children’s brains.

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