Brain Builders Summer Reading Week 1

Summer Learning

Happy first week of summer!  If you are like my family and I the whole idea of summer is just starting to sink in.  I have found starting my children in on a summer routine has been a bit of a transition.  Some things that have made it easier has been working to build some structure and consistency into parts of our day.  We choose to have some house hold chores, outside play, and limited television time as part of our normal family summer routine.  Those things work for our family, you and your family probably have areas you prioritize as well.

Another area that is a non-negotiable for us is summer learning.  As an educator I see how hard the students work all year and the progress that they make.  I also see the ones that come back in the fall and have lost so much growth and struggle to get back on track.  The summer slide is a documented issue that affects many students.  Here is a great blog post that gives more information on what the summer slide is and how to help it.

Here is what summer learning looks like for my girls.  We do 15 minutes of reading, math, and writing most week days before any playtime.  This is enough to maintain skills, engage my girls, and not take away much needed free play time.  This isn’t a beautiful crafty poster but here is what my girls and I created together to help organize their days.



This week I will focus on some great easy resources to use for lower elementary summer learning, next week I will focus on upper elementary and web resources.

For reading we searched around the house and found some of the books and papers that had been sent home from school.  We sorted through and made a folder full of resources that can be used during the summer.IMG_5969

We then looked through our games and pulled the ones out that can work on any of our reading or math skills.  If you do not have these games I would take a few minutes to walk through Goodwill or reach out to neighbors or family members with older kids that might have games, flash cards, and activities that they haven’t used in years.


We got a little creative for math grabbing coins from Dad’s coin jar, finding a play clock, and creating our own counting collection of “cool” rocks and random puzzle pieces.  With writing we found some notebooks with blank pages and a dry erase board.  My daughter was very excited to organize all of her materials and set up her summer learning area.  Giving her control over this area and making collecting the materials a fun activity has helped make the battle of summer learning so much easier on both of us.

Student Book Review

Ellie’s Story

By W. Bruce Cameron

Ellie’s story is a heart warming novel that tells the story about a rescue dog and, how they’re trained. Ellie’s trainer Jacob loves Ellie but he is always very sad. Jacob and Ellie find lost kids and, catch criminals. I love this book because it comes from the dog’s point of view. I think people who love dogs  would like this book.


Book review by Kyler W.Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.43.59 PM

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