Pinewood Pride Students connecting with Community Helpers

Thank you Ottawa County Sheriff Office Deputies and Grand Rapids Police Department Police Officers for taking some time to tell us what you do for your profession and allowing us to tour your vehicles and pet your k-9. 

On May 9th, some Pinewood students had the opportunity to meet and ask questions to a few of our local deputies and Grand Rapids police officers. Deputies shared what can be found in their cruisers and why stuffed animals can be found in their trunk. Grand Rapids SWAT member showed some of the tools that are used while on the job.  The K-9 officer explained to the students about the training that he and his k-9 partner had to go through before going out and serving the community. 

Each student had the opportunity to sit in a cruiser and to see all th equipment that is at a deputy/police officer’s right hand when in the driver’s seat. 

Thank you again for sharing your robots, cruiser, police dog and SWAT van with us.  Thank you for taking the time to share what you do each day on your job and answering a few questions.  

#tlap #pinewoodpride

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