5th Grade Skypes with Virginia!

This afternoon, all fifth graders took a virtual field trip to Richmond, Virginia. We had an amazing opportunity to Skype with the Virginia Historical Society today!  Through the amazing technology that Skype offers, we were able to connect with an expert about Jamestown, Pocahontas, and the Powhatan Indians. Students were shown replica artifacts from the 1600’s and were able to interact and ask questions throughout the presentation. We were excited when we knew the answers to so many of the questions and were enthusiastic about asking our own questions. What an unbelievable experience!

Some highlights:

The Powhatan Indians often married at age 13 or 14 (the kids couldn’t believe that!)

Having bangs (hair on forehead) was a way for women Powhatan Indians to show they were married.
Powhatan Indians with mohawks were considered the wise ones among the tribe.
The Powhatan Indians used hollow arrows so that the points were interchangeable.  This also allowed them to re-use their arrows time and again.

From birth until age 2, every day, Powhatan mothers would submerge their child into the water.  This would help them become accustomed to the cool weather.



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