Insight into Art: Coats of Arms!

IMG_0137 IMG_0141 IMG_0142

Just recently in the art classroom, the third and fourth graders finished creating their own unique coats of arms!

A coat of arms is a symbolic design that represents an individual, family, corporation, or state.

Historically, coats of arms were used by the ancient Romans to identify different military groups. By the 13th century, however, they were used to signify family wealth or power in Europe. Eventually, coats of arms were adopted by Church clergy, towns as civic identifiers, and to royally-chartered organizations such as universities and trading companies. You could argue that a coat of arms was an early form of branding or logos.

Before beginning the project, we observed the different parts that commonly make up coats of arms such as a shield, a banner with a name or motto, and supporters. The goal was to create their own coat of arms to represent themselves, so when you view these few examples, make sure to observe some of the artistic choices the students made in incorporating some of these components. Also make sure to observe the images students used to describe themselves!

For more examples, information, and weekly updates on student work, visit!

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