5th Grade Skypes with Virginia!

This afternoon, all fifth graders took a virtual field trip to Richmond, Virginia. We had an amazing opportunity to Skype with the Virginia Historical Society today!  Through the amazing technology that Skype offers, we were able to connect with an expert about Jamestown, Pocahontas, and the Powhatan Indians. Students were shown replica artifacts from the 1600’s and were able to interact and ask questions throughout the presentation. We were excited when we knew the answers to so many of the questions and were enthusiastic about asking our own questions. What an unbelievable experience!

Some highlights:

The Powhatan Indians often married at age 13 or 14 (the kids couldn’t believe that!)

Having bangs (hair on forehead) was a way for women Powhatan Indians to show they were married.
Powhatan Indians with mohawks were considered the wise ones among the tribe.
The Powhatan Indians used hollow arrows so that the points were interchangeable.  This also allowed them to re-use their arrows time and again.

From birth until age 2, every day, Powhatan mothers would submerge their child into the water.  This would help them become accustomed to the cool weather.



Jenison Robotics

Jenison has started a robotics league this fall.  With 18 teams and over 100 elementary students involved it’s been a great first year.  Robotics held a fundraiser this evening at our Jenison High School. Teams enjoyed competing with each other and having an opportunity drive their robots with building principals and our superintendent, Mr. TenBrink.

Students purchased raffle tickets and entered them in a drawing for the opportunity to drive with a principal or the Superintendent. I

was able to drive with 4th grade student Rhys Wiers.  Sara Jean Postle also a 4th grade student drove with Supt. TenBrink.  Pinewood teams had the highest average score of all elementary buildings and were awarded the trophy for this year.  Robotics has two more weeks of competitions this season.  Thank you to all of the students, parents, and coaches who have been volunteering their time best of luck on the remainder of the season.


Nik and Anna Design Projects Using 3D Printers

“3D printing makes some GREAT ornaments to give my family.” Nik has been designing and innovating his ornament design. “The first time I printed this ornament the loop attachment for the hook was too thin so I was worried about it breaking. The next time I designed the loop attachment thicker. I feel a lot more confident that this will last a long time.” According to Anna, “It takes a lot of thought to create something from scratch. There are so many ideas I have like making a nest for a turkey. I had no idea how it would actually print and I am so glad it turned out so well. I am really happy with my honey bear and my turkey! I am excited to make my next idea…something for Christmas!”

Braylon and Andrew Notice Something…

We were just reading when I heard a rustling sound coming from the back of the room. I thought maybe it was one of our chinchillas. Braylon was noticing the same thing. We both approached the habitat and saw a little tail SWOOSH!! behind the little blue barn in the bottom of the cage… BAM! A baby chinchilla! We are loving our new addition and think it is just adorable! Please contact Mrs. Barr if you are interested in purchasing our baby chin as soon as it is ready to leave its mama!

Insight into Art: Coats of Arms!

IMG_0137 IMG_0141 IMG_0142

Just recently in the art classroom, the third and fourth graders finished creating their own unique coats of arms!

A coat of arms is a symbolic design that represents an individual, family, corporation, or state.

Historically, coats of arms were used by the ancient Romans to identify different military groups. By the 13th century, however, they were used to signify family wealth or power in Europe. Eventually, coats of arms were adopted by Church clergy, towns as civic identifiers, and to royally-chartered organizations such as universities and trading companies. You could argue that a coat of arms was an early form of branding or logos.

Before beginning the project, we observed the different parts that commonly make up coats of arms such as a shield, a banner with a name or motto, and supporters. The goal was to create their own coat of arms to represent themselves, so when you view these few examples, make sure to observe some of the artistic choices the students made in incorporating some of these components. Also make sure to observe the images students used to describe themselves!

For more examples, information, and weekly updates on student work, visit www.artwithmisse.weebly.com!