Teach Like A Pirate Day in Room 28 & 31!

Teach Like A Pirate day today in Ms. Magro’s room was all about learning a new skill…sewing!  Pinewood students were able to create a tiny pillow pirate of their very own to take home.  Students loved being able to produce a piece that they truly put hard work into.  A little productive struggle and trial and error helped students stay engaged and focused on their mission.  The end result was seamlessly spectacular!  Ask your child about some of the activities they participated in throughout the day!


With Ms. Florian, students had the opportunity to participate in theatre improvisation and games. In all of these games, students were required to step out of their comfort zones and commit to their actions – sometimes getting to be a little silly and creative in the process! Their creativity showed in each game, and it was exciting to see how they were willing to try every new activity with enthusiasm. One of the most popular games with all of the groups that came through was the warm up game called Fruit Bowl, where students had to silently lock eyes in order to commit to switching places – but they had to get to their new spot in the circle before the extra student in the middle got there first! This was a great lesson in commitment and non-verbal communication, which is an important skill in theatre and improvisation.

There were tons of activities throughout the building today taught by Pinewood teachers and some guest teachers! It was a great TEACH LIKE A PIRATE DAY and we cannot wait until the next one!

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