Healthy, Happy, and Educated

For many parents healthy and happy are the primary goals they have for their children.  With my girls I have always reminded them that as a mom I have three very important jobs; to keep them healthy, safe, and learning.  Of course I want them to be happy as well but often these reminders come when they are upset because they can not have a piece of candy, or stay up late and happy isn’t exactly how they are feeling.  I am hopeful that throughout this summer I have shared many tips and strategies to help support your student with summer learning and developing a love of reading.  The Scholastic site students use to log minutes has a wealth of additional information on supporting your students academically.  Your students’ teacher will also be an amazing resource this year.  Pinewood staff members are great at sharing information and connecting with parents don’t hesitate to ever reach out and connect with them or myself.

To continue to support parents in helping them meet these goals of healthy, happy, and educated, this year Jenison is kicking off our back to school with a great speaker Kirk Martin.  Kirk will be speaking to staff and then will also have a free presentation to parents at our Jenison Center of Arts on Tuesday September 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm Kirk’s message is “Celebrate Calm and focuses on strategies to help parents and educators be successful in all of the different situations dealing with kids brings.  I’m really looking forward to this presentation.  If you are free that evening I look forward to seeing you there.

Last week I shared many parent resources to help you prepare for back to school.  Please take a few minutes to browse through them.

To help with the healthy goal we have our school breakfast and lunch program which does start on the first day of school.  Please take a few minutes to be sure your student has funds for lunch and consider filling out an application for free and reduced lunch, this application has to be completed each school year.  Even if you pack a lunch the program provides breakfast, a snack, and additional funding for our school.  In addition to this a small group of passionate parents and staff are working to raise awareness and offer educational opportunities about health and nutrition.  They will have a table at our Open House and will be working on initiatives throughout the school year be sure to stop by and visit their table.

Another way to help Pinewood help support parents and families is by continuing to partner together and have on going communication and community events.  Our Pinewood Parent Club has been working hard this summer preparing for a great 2015-2016 school year.  PPC will have a table at Open House with information on upcoming events and ways to get involved and volunteer.

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