34 Days


Thirty Four days is how many days we have left before we return to school.  Lots of time left to enjoy the sun, play outside, explore, and enjoy family time.  But also the perfect time to start preparing for the transition to school and fall.  I love back to school time.  I can’t wait to see the kids walk through the doors, see how they have grown, hear them share about their summer adventures.  But I also know back to school time can be very stressful for parents and students.  Over the next few weeks I will share resources and information, like our supply list that will hopefully help make your family’s transition back easier.

Some students are like me and can’t wait to get back and others are on the other end of the spectrum and are already feeling nervous and having stomach aches thinking of the first day of school, and others fall somewhere in-between.  My daughters both fall somewhere in the middle but one falls closer to the anxiety stomach ache end.  When she was a toddler the day care drop off was traumatizing for us both screaming and tears were unfortunately common.  Even before seeing her walk through the door staff could hear her coming.  After months of this I was desperate for help and started researching.  The amount of information out there is overwhelming but it was nice to know many parents deal with this and I was not alone.

Some of what I learned was when it comes to a transition or a return to school or day care preparing early is very helpful.  Also talking about and seeing the change as a positive something to celebrate.  Many of us are sad to see summer go but instead of focusing on missing summer make the focus on being excited to return to school.  Remind your student of all of the things they enjoy about school seeing friends, playing ga ga ball, catching up with their favorite teachers.  Turn those 34 days into a count down to an awesome first day of school, build their excitement.  If you purchase any back to school stuff keep it put up in a special place it will be one more thing your student has to look forward to.  Take your students to the school give them time to play on the playground, if the building is open (which won’t be for a couple of weeks) come inside walking the halls.  Walking through before everyone returns may help calm some of the anxiety.  Continuing to read or getting back on a regular reading and summer learning routine will help your student feel more confident, don’t forget to track those summer minutes.  Here are some additional tips for how to make back to school as stress free as possible.

Back to School Supplies
Back to School Supplies

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