Pinewood Students Enjoy Sundae School

Three Pinewood teachers; Amanda Roper, Jane Essenburg, and Amanda Smith worked with Pinewood students last week in a problem based summer school program through our Ottawa County Intermediate School District, Sundae School.  Teams of students from across the county worked at local ice cream shops doing market research on what makes the best sundae.  Students interviewed shop owners, family members, and people from the community to help them design and create the most marketable sundae.

On Thursday all of the teams from across the county came together to compete in a delicious afternoon of sundae tasting and display.  Students had to work together in teams to assemble over 100 mini sundaes and they worked on their marketing with their display.  Students all greeted judges and taste testers answering questions about their sundae and the process their teams used to come up with their creative ideas.  It was an awesome learning experience for students and staff.

Country Sundae Team
Country Sundae Team
Getting the Bee Hive Sundae's ready
Getting the Bee Hive Sundae’s ready

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