Need Summer Learning Resources? Find Lots of Options Here

However your child wants to read, we don't care, just as long as they read:)
However your child wants to read, we don’t care, just as long as they read:)

Thank you so much for taking time to visit the blog and continue to be involved in our Pinewood community during the summer.  Please take time to log your students summer reading we would love to help Scholastic break the world record and be one of the top reading schools in the nation.

Has it started yet?  Has your child ran out of things to read, or complained they can not find anything they like.  This post is full of great resources for all age levels that will help stop the I’m bored comments in their tracks.  Last week I shared information on the blog about how important it is for children to continue to read during the summer.  I shared research on how much a child can benefit from just devoting 15 minutes a day to reading, math, and writing.  As an educator and as a mom I’m working hard to find great resources to keep summer learning fun and engaging.  This week I would like to share some great resources to help your child enjoy their learning time each day.

In Jenison we are lucky to have quality public libraries full of books, videos, and fun summer programs for children that are close by.

Georgetown library, Grandville library, and Hudsonville library are all close and have multiple free events that are fun for the whole family.  You can find more information about each library here on their web pages.

Georgetown Library

Grandville Library

Hudsonville Gary Byker Memorial Library

Students can access many resources from any sort of internet device.
Students can access many resources from any sort of internet device.

If you are looking for easy and quick websites that are safe for kids and have great learning opportunities please review the list below.  I’m sure you will find many your child will enjoy and will actually probably be so interested they will surpass that 15 minutes without even realizing it.

This is a website full of current events and news stories that are perfect for kids.  The site allows you to change the reading level to make it “just right” for your child and also has questions at the end of the articles to help children practice comprehension.  I love this site because I often learn new things as well from the articles.

This website is very similar to newsela, it is full of informational text and engaging articles.  Students can search for topics that are interesting to them and have a large variety of reading topics.

Tumble books is an online library that has both fiction and non-fiction books the site does require a log on which is jenison, and a password which is wcats.

This is a symbaloo Mrs. Essenburg has on her class website that is full of links to various learning sites and productivity tools.  Take some time to explore it, you will find some great resources.

This is our Jenison elementary web page.  If you click on the fun link there is a great variety of web resources that help your child with everything from keyboarding to internet safety.

I took time to look through all of the sites on this article and it is full of some really good ones.  My favorite was the How Stuff Works page kids can investigate anything from do animals laugh to is moldy food safe to eat.  I would recommend parent supervision on this page there is a large variety of topics.

Prodigy is a fun interactive math game that combines fantasy with math skills.  Student go on quests fighting dragons and multiplication.

And finally our summer reading page has lots of tools for students.  There are short stories by top authors, fun quizzes, and many other areas to explore.  We are currently 454th in the nation, let’s work together to move ahead keep logging those minutes.

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