Pinewood Let’s Break the World Record For Summer Reading 2015!!!

Pinewood students did an amazing job setting academic goals this year and making some huge growth in both reading and math.  We want to keep that momentum going right into summer.  The Scholastic Summer Reading Program is a fun way for students to track their reading minutes and help them work towards their own personal goals.  We want every student at Pinewood to help us be one of the top Scholastic Reading Schools as well as to help us join schools nationwide in setting a new world record.  Each student will be signed up with their current class and receive a log on and a password.  During the summer they can use this log on and password to add minutes to their reading.  On the Scholastic website there are also new short stories students can read as well as encouraging videos and games.

So what is your students’ goal?  I have five books on my summer MUST read list, and my goal is to get through all of them and have time to enjoy some young adult novels with my children.  Every week this summer I will post on the blog and would love to have student’s write some blog posts and add comments this summer as well.  Mark your calendars now on Wednesday July 15, 2015 at 6:30 pm. join me and your classmates on Pinewood’s Playground for a Mid-Summer Reading Celebration each student who tells me what they have been reading will get a Popsicle and have 45 minutes to play together on the playground.

reading JR Roper's newest book The Spirit of Steel by the pool.
reading JR Roper’s newest book The Spirit of Steel by the pool.
Mrs. Brown's personal MUST read books for the summer.
Mrs. Brown’s personal MUST read books for the summer.

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